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Like A Phoenix

The ashes burn like hot magma bursting out of the earths crust into the air. What was once flesh and blood and bones and breath is now a mesh of molten rock and burning scents permeating into the air. What once lived a life, is now noting but dust and gone with the wind. But

Drink of the lake

Leaning to the lake, I take a drink. The fresh water cleanses my soul  From all the travesties I endured The water flows down my body and into my soul It takes over my creation and spills into my imagination No longer am I plagued by past memories that suffocated me with sorrow No, the

Day 8 National Poetry Month

Once again we are here for National Poetry Month, with another Poem . On Day 8 National Poetry Month from the Lucid Writers circle delivers a poem a day for your reading pleasure. On Day 8 National Poetry Month is thriving and the words keep coming. I remember you. I remember you. I remember thing

National Poetry Month: Day 7

Once again we are here for National Poetry Month, with another Poem. Lucid Writers has decided to celebrate National Poetry month by delivering a poem a day for your reading pleasure. Enjoy. All I Wanted Was Your Love All I wanted was for you to love me. All my life I wanted that connection,  Instead

Sweet and Sour

Back on day 6 of national poetry month, we bring to you a poem about sweet and sour experiences. Things that are sweet,  Can easily turn sour.  So even if we think great  And believe in our power There is always that turn of events, That will destroy our plans The only thing is, Will

Black In Business

A story about local black entrepreneurship Growing up I didn’t get to see many black creators. Especially from the place that I came. As a Creator this was disappointing. Because I didn’t have any real influence to aspire to or want to model my life around. Plus, I fell into (like many other people in

Where Am I Today?

A poem for the lost Where am I today? Not here, not on this plane. Where do I exist? Somewhere far, far away Somewhere dodging the  Cataclysmic  Idea Of going insane Losing grip of reality  Falling into madness  Trying not to gravitate To an endless sadness Where will I be tomorrow? Not where I am