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We honor Amiri Baraka. An American Poet, Writer, teacher, and political activist,  born as Everett Leroy Jones on October 7, 1934 in Newark New Jersey. An Alumnus of Rutgers, Howard, and Columbia University, Joining the air force for three years between Howard and Columbia. He studied at the New School for social research as well. It is said that he was remembered for his sharp criticism of the social issues African Americans face. His work is often thought of as incendiary, and difficult to be objective to. also known as a black nationalist and eventually became a Marxist as well. Baraka was known for many controversial pieces like ” Somebody Blew up America”  in response to the 2001 September 11th terrorists attacks. This piece in which he received criticism for being anti-Semitic. He is known for founding the Black Arts Repertory/Theory School in Harlem in 1965 after the death of Malcolm X. in the 1970s he became known as a Marxist and taught at Columbia University until 1979 where he became a professor of Africana Studies and Stony Brook University until his death on January 9th, 2014. Today we remember a poet of vicious prowess of the tongue, a master of diction, a political activist. A proud Black man…  Today in Black history


Somebody Blew Up America Amiri Baraka 2009

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