Today, In Black history…

As a people we are consistently forgotten under the foundation of this country. year after year American history is made by some man or woman of African decent. And over and over again it disappears into the deep crevices of the American archives. in this day and age, As a people our confidence is lost daily by the pressures of a nation that underrepresented us.  So as a daily reminder, This is today in Black history. A recollection of the amazing Black men and women that have come before us that accomplished amazing things in their lives.

January 11th, 2018

Reuben V. Anderson is appointed a judge to the Mississippi Supreme Court on this day in 1985. He became the first African American judge to do so in the state.


Mary J. Blige , American singer and song writer is born, 1971

Betty Francis, State government administrator is born, 1946

Dr. Floyd Malveaux, Allergist and immunologist, physician and administrator was born, 1940

Angeles Echols, Education chief executive is born, 1957

Julie Johnson Staples, journalist, minister, corporate executive is born, 1957

Christopher R. Reed, Professor is born, 1942

Thomas W. Cole professor, University President is born, 1941

William D. McCoy is appointed to be the US ambassador of Liberia in 1892

Robert E Lee considers employing black soldiers to the depleted army because it was “not only expedient but necessary “1865

Riots broke out around this time because of Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes suspension from Georgia University 1961




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