Today, In Black History…

Often buried within the confides of American history, Black history shines bright lights upon a country that has darkened a pivotal portion of its conception, growth, development, advancement, and elevation. This happens to be the Black people. so often our failures and dim moments are highlighted in media. So often our greatest accomplishments are presented to inspire others. however the middle ground, the often forgotten history that our predecessors courageously fought for is shuffled under the chaff. Here we recollect the forgotten history and remember the greatness of Black people. This is Today, In Black History…

January 12th,

The US Supreme Court decision Sipuel vs Oklahoma State Board of Regents said a state must afford African Americans ” the opportunity to commence the study of law at a state institution at the same time as other citizens.” -1948

The congressional Black caucus was said to have organized on this day. -1971

professional basketball player Dominique Wilkins, known for playing for the Atlanta Hawks, was born on this day. -1960

Joe Frazier, American world champion boxer, was born on this day. 1944


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