The miseducation of the Black Woman

Black women, you are too ratchet and classless…go educate yourselves. These are the thoughts that come across our minds when we think of Black queens. Too angry, difficult to deal with. unappreciative of a man, miserable, unattractive. We asked them to hold themselves to higher standards. And they became the most educated demographic in the nation. Outpacing every race in receiving associates and bachelors degrees, yet still failing to marry and be appreciated. We have failed Black women, and miseducated ourselves on them. Belittling them for their flaws, while we glorify other women that host the features black women originally owned. Curves, being voluptuous, large lips, big noses. Being categorized as ” crazy” or “angry” is beloved by Men when it comes to other women. However, When it comes to Black women, these features and traits force us to gaze away. Why is this? Why do we neglect the black woman? What makes them so undesirable, even when they wield the assets we crave so much and then some?

in 2010, Black women made up an estimated 68% of associates  degrees, 66% of bachelors degrees, 71% of masters degrees, and 65% of doctorates degrees amongst African Americans. at that same time Black women we enrolled higher than any race in institutions of higher education. these numbers have grown since then. however with these degrees, statistics show that black women hold only 8% of private sector jobs, and 2% of leadership roles. Again, why so much neglect of such an educated and well rounded demographic?

We have failed our black women, as black men. They have outpaced us academically and when they reach their degrees they often marry down, proving limited upward mobility. All along the way being degraded and treated as if they hold less value than the next woman. They increased their already priceless value by giving themselves the capability of growing up the financial ladder, even when the disparities in the job market still looming. Yet, as black men we turn the other cheek, or fail to push ourselves to rise to their levels of education. Reeves_Education_Race_Gap4

By the study shown in this graph above, Black women are more likely to marry down than their male counterparts. By the glance of the graph the disparity in the number will widen as years go by. This dilemma must be fixed soon. As Black men it is imperative that we fix our image of black women and stop degrading them for traits we worship in other females. Neither should we determine their worth based upon their education either. It should be our initiative to praise Black women and value them more in this new year of 2018 and continue said trend for years to come.




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