For The Love of the game

He averaged 13.5 points per game, 2.4 rebounds and 2.0 assists per-game. He’s a college sophomore in the midst of a successful season. Mcdonalds all-american, bright future in the basketball world. He is the 6-4 guard for the Texas Longhorns. His name is Andrew Jones, and on January 10th he stepped away from the game and made public that he is battling leukemia. for almost a month he had been battling one of the most deadly diseases known to man, a battle many lose daily. What’s so interesting about his story besides the fact that he’s battling leukemia? It’s the fact that despite his condition, he still has a love for the game. A love so strong that he will not allow it to stop him from chasing his passion. This passion is beyond most people’s comprehension. Why is this you ask? Andrew was just recently recorded on video shooting at a hoop. He looked skinny, as if all the blood was drained from his body. his arms looked withered, there was no way he could hold a basketball. yet he took form shots. That is passion. that is love. That is showing that through pain you can prove how much you love something, and that nothing can stop you from chasing your dreams. Yesterday he posted on twitter stating “I have to be active, I can’t just stay in one spot all day.” The next day he was up shooting around. It comes to show you that the love for the game is more powerful than any disease. That will can overpower the physical limitations of the body. If Andrew Jones can pick up a basketball after leukemia treatment, there is nothing impossible for anyone. For the love of the game, for the love of anything, you can persevere.

Andrew jones shooting around

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