Dear Black Boy

Dear black boy,

Don’t Be scared of the future, even dangerous to be melanated in this god forsaken world

don’t let it deter you from conquering everything in your path


Dear black boy.

You are a shining star,

light up the sky For the people around you

Don’t dim your light so that others may shine brighter

Do not let the raining waters of oppression douse your fire within you

Ignite it so that you may keep your family warm

You are born within a world that will strip you of your masculinity with every encounter of authority

Stand firm, cautious, and ready for such moments

Fear non, we as black people are resilient, no one should antagonize you enough to steal your spirit from your heart


Dear black boy,

We live  into a world that does not love us,

Do not stop yourself from loving it, these white faces may stare

Or look away it will be difficult to feel accepted by society

Authority may condescend upon you with Ire more intimidating than your mother’s rage

Don’t not differ

Do not allow that to keep you from being sane

This world will turn its back on you

You will be shamed

You will be set to a higher standard only to get half of the luxuries everyone else gained

You will be dehumanized and blamed before you can even pronounce your name

Be strong as your ancestors that were placed in chains


Dear black boy,

It’s ok to cry, you don’t always have to be a tough guy

It’s ok to fear, it’s ok to be vulnerable and make mistakes

Do not be afraid to embrace hate

These are the traits that make you human


Dear black boy,

Show us your pain

Your ancestors sang for your freedom to do so

Your predecessors we’re hosed, beaten, hanged tortured in front of your kin

So many have climbed mountains of oppression and discrimination

So many face these same challenges in this day and age


Don’t fear to show emotion, you will be challenged for wanting to cry.

You will face scrutiny when being the aggressor,

You will be actions will get you chastised

Any form of assertion could prove to be a fatal moment,

But don’t let that steer you from being brave and bold shit


Dear black


I don’t want to see you die

I don’t wish for you to become a marauder for black lives

But never will I allow you to shrink in front of the white eyes

I’m conflicted, because I vision you standing like a king in front of all,

Giving and taking in knowledge, prosperity, and peace to those that that you meet

But that wish may too far of reach when you’re dealing with the police

Cuz that type of encounter can put you under six feet

So with This, i plead

Please be safe when you face the pressures of this world


Dear black men


You are a king, this world,

ugly as is

is your kingdom. There is so much strength in Your pain

Let your struggles fuel your desire to reign

Let it reign, let it reign, let it reign, let it reign

Down Upon your sovereign with  brilliance please

There are no limitations to you

Don’t you ever believe you can’t survive in this world

Dear black men

I love you

Never let go of faith

The world is yours

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