Face you

The sound of thunder

Followed by a flash of lightning

I hit the ground

Next comes the rain drops

The screaming of sirens let’s me know that the rain doesn’t stop

The storm had come so quickly

It was never in the forecast for today

We were all just chillin on this hot sunny summer day

Playing ball, laughing, couple of honeys checking us out

A dice game going on in the outskirts of the court little kids playing on the playground

Regular shit in the hood

A little beef here and there

nothing too serious

But everyone knows that humidity can stir clouds in an instant

The storm came so fast

Nobody even sensed the rain

The thunder just crackled

And people fled for shelter because they knew light show ensued

Then there came the rain,

It poured so fast,

It never ended,

They hit my face, my chest, my whole body,

The probability of getting struck by lightning is so slim,

But if it can, it will strike on and unwarranted soul

A bullet has know name,

Lightning has no target

Summer rains, you can never predict them

Summertime shootouts constantly claiming innocent victims

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