From fire, life grows

You were like a fire

Ever so radiant,

So so beautiful

So robust and energetic

Yet so vicious and vigorous in your combustion

You ravaged everything in your path, causing forest fires and burning everything down

Causing less and less desire and value with each scorching flame

And I the earth, loved you, even when you decimated my hopes of working in cohesion with you, even when you set ablaze my forests, even when they told me don’t attempt to tame the fire, it will only consume you in its raging flames

And no matter how much time passes you’ll never recover from the pain

I saw the beauty in you

Because no one ever thought that earth could condense fire

Or that stone could keep it from eradicating the marvelous world around it

At the same time why control you?

When I can show you the virtue in your ire

Demolition always births new life

Because even with all the destruction you caused, and all the bleak looking landscapes and hopes for the future decimated by your ravaging,

A flower bloomed from the murky ground. And it more beautiful than the forest that lived before

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