No love

You know it’s all “love”

The phrase I’ve heard an infinite amount of times in my life from people attempting to take advantage of me…

I got your best interest bro…

People who couldn’t give two fucks about my feelings or the shit I that I go through

People that don’t check on me or wonder if I’m breathing because their so wrapped up in their own mess that I’d doesn’t matter how the feel for me…

Naw they just want something, and I somehow possess it

It always seems that the biggest hearts are consistently having the blood sucked out of them from leeches that can’t produce their own

A thank you would be nice for my assistance

Or a donation of blood back wouldn’t that be nice?

But no,

Leeches take, they never give…

and by the time you realize that you’re kindness is being abused they’ve already taken what they needed and left you dry to die on the floor

And then come back for more

Not taking a second to help you up or resuscitating you so that you can help replenish their selfish needs no, they’ll come drain the last bits of your vitality just to satisfy themselves and when you don’t have it they feel entitled and they suddenly have an ire focused on you

You become the enemy,

Suddenly your heart is black

And…you’re the worst thing in existence

See your value is only present to leeches if is aids their desires, nothing more. To leeches you’re food, not a human being.

Leeches will latch on to you and snarl at you when you let them go,

The worst part is that there are leeches that will sit there and call you bro

Sis, cousin, babe, son, daughter, friend, etc… and those hurt the most

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