Oh how easily it soothes all the pain

Hearing it drop from the inside I feel my mind traverse into space

Dreams become reality that parallel its pace.

The consistency of every drop, fast, slow,

stagnant in a purgatory of its flow

I don’t have to worry about the dangers of outside I can stay in all day.

I play play play my life away. Enjoying all the things unhealthy for me because I don’t have to exercise. Video games, sleep, sex maybe.Why

enjoy the outside? When it’s murky and meek? The rain is routine, it feels so sweet. I wait till the sun comes out to embrace the outdoors.

Question is why should I wait till the sun shines to enjoy the outside?

Why am I afraid to play in the rain? Am I scared I may get sick and die?

The weather should be no excuse to feel fulfillment of the fresh air because even in sunshine, we can be bare

See the rain is no excuse to not go out in play, bc tmrw it may be too hot, so go jump in that puddle or embrace the rain drops because in reality, you never know when the rain stops

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