Dim, Daily word challenge

  Dim is the light that faintly flickers at the end of the tunnel.
Forever taunting me with its warmth, begging me to reach it and get out of the cold crevices of this cave.
With every step I take I seem to get closer.
However, I feel as if the light is getting farther from me as well.
The never ending push to reach the dim light at the end of the tunnel.
The daunting task of leaving this cold, dark cave gets more and more difficult with every step I take.
The mirage of the dim light is a microcosm of the life I live.
The victory i seek is the dim light, the challenge is getting through this cave and reaching the dim light.
The problem, the distance between the dim light and me becomes more and more as I continue to step.
How is this you say?
This is because my life is a never ending struggle.
I fight to get to the dim light, yet it is farther than my imagination wills me to believe.
there is the obstacle not only of the cave, but that of my own psyche believing that i am closer than I really am.
             So a I traverse endlessly into a cycle of confusion.
at times i sit down, because my feet are tired. and i wish to give up.
mainly because i’m afraid i’ll never reach the other side,
but possibly because i dont know whats on the other side.
The dim light could be anything.
It could lead to my downfall.
It could be the catalyst to my success.
However, I dont know what it is till I reach it.
And the scary thought, 
That percentage that this may be a bad idea, haunts me and may prevent me from moving forward.
However I feel my feet move again. forever moving towards the dim light.

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