What is the most humbling experience you’ve ever had? Was it an L you took? A bad break up? not making a team? losing someone you love? Take a journey with me to back when I was 16 years old. The most humbling experience I’ve ever had, was my visit to Omaha beach in Normandy, France. I was staying with a family on a school trip. And they planned a trip out to the country side to show me something brilliant. It became a moment I will always remember. At that point and time I was just a naive young boy unaware of the surrounding world.It was that moment that my life changed forever. I had visited the other beaches and saw what they had to offer. they were all memorable.

However, what I witnessed at Omaha beach was the most beautiful and horrifying visual at the same time. It was a grave site. But one like no other. The french had created a memorial for the American soldiers that fought for Normandy beach.  There were rows of grave marks in the form of a cross. occasionally there would be a star of David, for those soldiers of the Jewish faith. They were aligned in what seemed to be endless rows of brave men, (and possibly women, because there were women that dressed like men to fight in WWII). The sight was one to see. It was a misty day, so the effect was added to the visual. Like no other experience I felt like I was there, on D-Day. So many soldiers (and soldiettes) died trying to get onto the beach. Ever one of those graves represents a soldier that didn’t get to see the rest of the war because they fought bravely to breach the Nazi defenses. By the sight of the memorial you would have though the allied forces lost this battle. There were so many graves on that beach alone. I cried realizing how insignificant I was in the larger scheme of history. Each one of those graves became immortal in history. It made me feel so small, so unimportant. And it made me realize that The world could be completely different if it weren’t for this battle.

If you ever travel to France, take the opportunity to travel to Omaha beach and see the sight that I saw. You will be mesmerized by the impact this visual an have on you. And I hope it too will change how you see the world.

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