Aftermath of Avengers Infinity War WARNING SPOILERS…

Warning… IF YOU HAVE NOT YET SEEN Avengers Infinity War, Do not read this post until after you see the movie. There are spoilers.


After watching Avengers Infinity War There are a number of mixed emotions one can have. For one thing, I must say at first glance it was an amazing movie. The directors did their best to create a movie close to the comics. And they depicted Thanos as the life crushing, brutal villain he is. Secondly, The idea to make the villain the main character of the movie and tell the story through his eyes made the movie almost more exciting.

It almost allows you to root for him in his quest. Not entirely, you want the heroes that we’ve grown with for the past 10 years win. For in your eyes, their path is more righteous.Iron man, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, The Hulk, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange , and so many more. It was a masterful iteration of the ups and downs one fights for in believing they’re right. The Ultimate struggle between right and wrong. Thanos is especially relate able when he completes his quest in the end as he sits in the middle of the universe and glances at a setting sun, claiming victory and justification to his “noble cause”.  Killing off half the universe with the snap of his fingers. Just as he did in the comics. Although the motives between the comic book and the movie were different, the results were the same. Thanos snaps his fingers, half of all life in the universe disappeared.  This sets up an epic battle in 2019 between the mad titan and earth’s mightiest heroes. The remaining ones at least. Now here comes the critiques and the problems. Those who vanished and who didn’t.


Many of our beloved heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) perished throughout the film, and many died in the end because of Thanos’ snap. Many of the phase 2 and beyond Avengers were faded off into dust after the mad titan snapped his fingers. Notably, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Star Lord, and everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-man. Those that remain now are the original Avengers (from the 2012 movie). As well as a few more such as Okoye (possibly Shuri- she could be the new Black panther in Infinity war pt 2), Nebula, Rocket raccoon and a few I may have missed. Thor is powered up and there is the anticipation of Captain Marvel entering the fray as well too. Ant-Man and Hawkeye were not featured in this movie and it is believed that they’ll be in the 4th Avenger’s film next May. Don’t forget, Adam Warlock is in the back waiting. but he may be in future Avengers films later, we may not see him because his debut is supposedly for Guardians of the galaxy 3, scheduled for 2020. Nevertheless, We know that our original heroes from the first avengers will face off against Thanos in one big showdown for the infinity gauntlet and the universe next year. For all of you that are upset that some of your favorite characters perished, worry not, they most likely will be back. They come back in the comics, and death in Marvel is not certain. plus, Black Panther broke records in the box office they have no choice but to bring him back. Guardians of the galaxy was brilliant, both movies, spider-Man Homecoming was excellent, and Doctor strange was a masterful movie as well.

Now to break down the meaning of all this. We all expected to see Captain America and Iron man die in this epic movie. At least those two. Potentially a few more, but the people we expected to die lived, and the people we expected to live died. Like black Panther, And Spider-man. The reasoning is understandable when you put it in retrospective, but dang Marvel we just got Black Panther you could’ve at least let him live? And Spider-Man just had a successful entrance into the MCU. AND ITS SPIDER-MAN. These are two characters close to heart. At least the movie made their deaths climactic. NOT. Well for Black panther its was uninteresting. which was a big no no. A character with that much cultural impact to die with like that? Marvel, you could’ve done better. However no one predicted the cultural impact that Black Panther would have… (black people did).  For Spidey, it was a sad and tear jerking death. To die in his father figure’s (Iron Man) hands like that, and to be one of the last to perish. To shake up Iron man like that, was a great detail. especially since he holds a special place in many people’s hearts.  The Spidey sense activating, the sheer fear he felt, to die at a young age, the cries for help as he felt his body falling apart made us all cry, because we love Spider-man.  IT was just perfect for the movie, it gave Iron man a sense of complete defeat and loss. As if he failed completely, The hero that started this all has faced a crushing defeat, it may have been worse than death. And to witness everyone fade into  death, especially Dr. Strange. That increased the stakes and changed the dynamic of the scenery for the next movie. However, we can already tell Strange knows something we don’t just by the way he went out. Plus the fact that he told Tony Stark that ” it was the only way”. Remember, Strange saw over 14 million possible outcomes, and only one in which they won. That included giving Thanos the soul stone. Allowing him to be able to complete the gauntlet and snap his fingers. Saving Stark in the process. This may set up for a Stark vs Thanos duel in the end, allowing our favorite MCU hero to finish the mad Titan off and walk off into the sunset in victorious fashion.



A story book ending to an 11 year movie we’ve been watching. Back to the original Avengers surviving, This was a great idea in my eyes. Many of our first Avengers contracts expire after the next avengers movies. Meaning that the directors and screenwriters are setting up an epic movie in which the original Avengers, plus some extras fight off the mad titan in one epic clash of galactic proportions. I don’t fully approve, because i would like T’Challa and Peter Parker battle the titan too. However, this, is an amazing idea. I don’t know what’s going to happen next year, but as a fan of the series, I can see the original Founding members of the Avengers ( that includes Ant-man and the wasp coming this summer) battling the mad titan with the newly added Captain Marvel. Stay tuned everyone, marvel has some big things for us next year.

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