A night with Nicky PT.1

Derrick was a tall, 6’4 24 year old dark chocolate man. Fresh from school, ripped, a six pack that looked like 8, a smooth, handsome face with thick lips you almost want to rip off. A nice full beard, groomed to perfection and waves that made you sea sick. He had large, smooth hands that could almost swallow your entire body. He was the perfect rendition of a woman’s fantasy. And he knew it, but he never let it show. He was on his way to see this woman he knew for a quick late night session after a night out with his boys. This girl Nicky that used to date his bro Charlie. He had linked up with Nicole a few weeks back, they haven’t seen each other in months, and Nicole and Charlie broke up years ago. Nicky was 22, just got her bachelors in communications, had her own apartment, six figure salary. Smart girl, had her own apartment since she was 19. She was a 5’7 girl, a little on the tall side, her father was a basketball player. This made her athletic, plus she did a lot of dancing in undergrad and growing up. Nick was light skinned, an un roasted hazelnut, smooth skin and long legs. She was slender but also held thickness in the right places. She had these amazing breasts that looked sultry in almost everything she wore. Misty eyes that captivate you soul at first glance. A sex appeal that drove most men insane. And a large, curly Afro. It was auburn, she had just died it that color.
Nicky had been lusting for Derrick for some time. She hung out with him a lot with Charlie, and tried to hide looks at him from time to time. Charlie was fine, but, Derrick was so much better. She hated the fact that she got with Charlie first. Nevertheless, she was getting what she wanted, and she was going to take advantage of the opportunity. Even if it was for one night, she was going to maximize the moment.
The two had been lusting for each other for a while, And when Derrick found out Nicole was no longer with his boy he without hesitation pounced on the opportunity. Nicole, feeling mutual about the situation gave him her number and her location immediately. “146 lion gate drive, apartment two, call me when you’re downstairs. Come by on Saturday night, that’s the best time.”. Nicky whispered in his ear and walked off.
Derrick was relishing the opportunity, Saturday came and night rolled, and he pulled up to the apartment after a night with his boys. “ i’m downstairs’ he texted Nicole.
Nicky immediately responded ok with a winky face. “ I’ll buzz you in”
Derrick walked up to the door and knocked. And Nicole opened the door.
Instantly Derrick was aroused, Nicky was wearing a sleek, purple lingerie one piece bodysuit. She had matching thigh high socks that revealed the length of her legs. Her body was glowing, and she smelled like sweet cherries. She had on a shiny lip gloss and a pair of red bottom heels as well.A shiny light pink fent lip gloss was glistening on her lips. Shyly, she smiled. “You like? Its new, I figured this was an occasion to wear it.”
Nervously Derrick stood there, still stuck on the sexy woman standing in front of him. “ this was really happening” he said in his head. Then he smiled. “ you look amazing, i love it.” Derrick responded as he licked his lips. “Hm hmm, Come in baby,” Nicky said as she guided Derrick in.
The site before Derricks eyes would forever be seared into his brain. The apartment started with a moderate sized living room. It too smelled like cherries, the lights were dim and there were candles going all over it. There was a couch, a lovely couch, white, with rose designs all over it, off to the side there was a contraption hanging from the ceiling that looked like a jungle gym. Derrick stared at it in confusion and excitement, he new what it was for.
“You like it” Nicky said as she grinned at him.
“ we can use it if you want to,”
Derrick looked at his peripheral, in the distance was a stripper pole. Derrick was already playing scenarios in his head. Lost in the world he was in, his attention finally came to the TV that was making faint noises in the distance, There was a porno going off. Two girls, both chocolate and thick fucking each other passionately.
“Oh sorry bout that, i was pleasuring myself while i waited for you” Nicole said as she wrapped her hands around Derrick’s body and began to caress him. Derrick noticed that Nicole had a catalog below the tv, assorted pornos, everything you could imagine. Derrick had realized he was in an apartment with a nymph, a nymph that wanted him. His attention returned to Nicky who was rubbing his chest the whole time.
“ I’ve been waiting for you for a long time baby” Nicky whispered in his ear. ” Ever since the first day i saw you i knew i wanted you. And i know you wanted me.”
“ oh really” Derrick responded, then suddenly clenched Nicole in his large arms, one on her neck firmly and another on her left ass cheek.
“ How bad did you want me?”
Nicole gasped in ecstasy, She was immediately turned on by how strong Derrick was, and how firmly his grip was on her. She knew she was in for a long night. She grinned and responded,
“Let me show you daddy, sit on the couch” Nicky replied with a raspy voice because of Derrick’s grip. Derrick grinned, let go of the woman and proceeded to sit on the couch. Nicky smiled, She was in control, so she was going to take advantage of the moment. She quickly sat on top of Derrick and began to dance on him. Grinding and gyrating slowly she found his penis and began to go to work. Derrick began to get aroused again, he felt the blood rushing to his navel and his dick growing. Nicole felt it too. She started to moan. She had felt how thick it was, and the shock was making her wet. The thought of that he could do to her with the massive cock in his pants was driving her crazy. She couldn’t take it. take it, She turned around and glared at Derrick. Then she took his belt off and slid his pants off. His Dick shot right up like a rocket, the large, black, 9 inch shaft stared at Nicole. Hard as a rock, thick and throbbing, Derricks face was screwed up as it hurt to be that hard.
Nicky began to stroke it with her hand in awe. Then she licked it.
Sensually and slowly, she licked it, then kissed it. Still stroking it ever so sweetly. Derrick let out a loud groan. His penis was absolutely throbbing at this point. He could cum at any moment. That when Nicole put her mouth on the tip, she started licking it, all around, the sensation cause Derrick to grown louder. Nicole put her whole mouth on it then, slowly, to feel all of him, and so Derrick can feel it too. He groaned louder. She was a pro and she barely started to suck him. She started with a deep-throat, she strategically stuck her tongue out and licked the shaft till she got to the balls, gagging not once, using teeth not once. There wasn’t too much saliva, yet. Derrick was losing it at this point, Nicole had no gag reflex, He felt himself sink into the couch in pure pleasure.
Nicky began the practice then, back and forth she bobbed her head slowly, no hands. Her lips wrapped around his dick perfectly. Derrick moaned like he was in pain, he never experienced such a thing. Nicky began to speed up, this time with more saliva, she started to slobber on his dick, bobbing back and forth faster and faster. Like it was the last Popsicle ever, She relished the opportunity to suck on Derrick’s dick. Then she put her hands on it, and started to twist while sucking him off. Derrick having no control at this point sunk further, and left go. In an instant, He groaned loud and jerked forward. He came all the way in Nicky’s mouth, without hesitation without warning. Nicky grinned and swallowed it all like a champ. “You’ve been eating your pineapples huh daddy?” She said. Then went back to work. Derrick looked in disgust and awe as she continued to suck him off. He was witnessing a sex demon right before his eyes. Within seconds he was hard again. Nicole wiped her mouth and clipped off the lingerie by her vagina,
“Show time” she said as she climbed on the vulnerable Derrick. As Derrick stared at her like an innocent child in trouble, Nicole began to stick him inside of her. She was soaking, like the Atlantic ocean, and unbelievably tight. She let out a sex and loud moan as she slid his shaft in he and sat on the whole thing. Derrick gasped in the deep waters of the pums,
“It’s sooo wet… pant, pant, But how?’
“I told you daddy, moan ahh” Nicky said as she began to ride him. Slowly she bounced up and down on Derrick’s dick, the whole thing and she was coming up pretty and going down hard. Moaning the whole time, She had been going strong this way, getting louder with each bounce. Derrick felt the wind of her cheeks clapping on his legs and started to whisper “ Stop playing with me mami, ride this dick.” Without hesitation, Nicky began to bounce faster on him” ahhh” she shrieked in ecstasy as the pleasure was getting to him. Derrick began to grab her ass cheeks to help control the motion. Squeezing, then massaging as Nicky began to bounce up and down faster. Once she got into a groove, She started to look back at her ass clapping on the large dick, Her pussy tightening up on Derrick, he felt himself ready to cum again. “I’m going to cum”
“ No, pant pant, pant, hold it in daddy. Dont cum yet”
The two of them moaned and fucked aggressively, Nicky’s arms digging deep into Derrick’s chest as she screamed in pleasure. Derrick clenching for dear life trying not to explode inside of her.” ahh, ahh, oooh oooah daddy. YES YEs YES Oh my god i’m cumming. Oh my god, oooooh yesssss yessss daddy, daddyyyyyy!!!!” Nicky came on him, in that instant, Derrick released, This time more cum than before. He let out a loud groan. “ oooooh shitttt, pant, pant, “
“ oh god, You’re fucking nasty” Derrick said,
“ pant, pant, I told you, I’ve been waiting for this.” Nicky replied
“Oh really, well, good, because i have too. Now bend that ass over and let daddy kill your shit from behind.” Derrick responded.
Nicky laughed then got in the proper position. She arched her back in an angle so acutely that Derrick stared at her ass for a moment in glory. This was demonic, out of this world. He quickly came to, and spat on his dick and began to stroke it for lubrication. Then he stuck his shaft inside the pretty pink pussy and Nicole let out another grown. Derrick started slow to get ready. He began giving slow, long strokes and lifted his leg up for optimum strokage. Nicky moaned and shrieked as Derrick pounded her pussy into submission. “ ooh, ooooh, ahhhh, Daddy, yes give it to me daddy,”
“ i see you like that shit huh” derrick said
“ Yesssss” Derrick slapped Nicky’s ass with vigor. The cheek jiggled and Nicky let out a little “ooh”
Derrick knew she liked that, so he did it again, this time the other cheek, this time harder. Then he grabbed Nicky’s hips and began to thrust harder and faster. Clap clap clap clap clap “oooooooh oooooh shittttt ahhhhh” clap clap clap clap clap “ oooh yess daddy yesss oh my god don’t stop dont stop” Derrick started fuxking faster clap clap clap clap clap lap clap clap. “ oooooooooooh my ghooooodddddd AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH OOOOOH AHHHHHHH! Right there Yessssss FFFFFFfucckkckckk MEEEEEEe” Derrick Gripped the back of Nicky’s neck, Her was choking her from behind, his other hand on her left cheek. Still thrusting at a hyper rate. For 45 minutes they stayed in this one position, Nicole felt herself cumming 3 times, Derrick relentlessly destroying her walls. Not once did Nicole tap out. Derrick tired of the position started to glance at the contraption,
“Get up, get into the swing thing. “ Derrick said sternly.
Nicky immediately got up but fell, her legs were wobbly from the fucking. They both laughed as Nicky got back up and proceeded to get into the contraption. She was in the missionary position, her legs wide open. Derrick spread he legs into a split
“Ooh daddy relax haha” Nicole laughed.
“Shhhhh” Derrick said while staring at Nicky’s throbbing pums.
Her legs were still shaking and she was raring to go. Derrick wasn’t at the time, he needed a moment, but he wasn’t going to let Nicky know that. Derrick stuck his face in between Nicky’s legs, He was eating her pussy now. He started with the clit, His long tongue flicking the clit at an alarming rate. Nicky started moaning, then screaming. His strokes with his tongue were fucking her up and she couldn’t take it. Nicky was helpless as she was going crazy. The she gasped as Derrick stuck is tongue inside of her. Swirling in and all around the pussy, she felt herself getting wetter, Derrick calmly swallowed all of her juices. He took his tongue out and started to finger he while liking and sucking her clit, For 15 minutes, non stop he ate her out, alternating between the clit and the inside of her pussy, he made her cum twice while fondling her pussy with his long and masterful tongue. It was almost as good as his dick, She had almost forgot he had one. Until he moved his face away from her pussy and stuck his hard wood back inside and began to fuck her again. Screaming this time, Nicky began to go crazy again as Derrick began to hit her g-spot. Moaning louder and louder she squirted all over his pelvis and Derrick grinned and proceeded to choke Her…


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