JUSTICE FOR Sterling Brown

A Night in Late January will be one that we will live in Infamy. January 26, 2018. Sterling brown, Milwaukee Bucks rookie shooting guard was unjust-fully arrested. Remember his name Sterling Brown. No, you may have not known him before the past few days, But you know him now. One fateful night, Sterling Brown was antagonized, arrested, and tasered by more than 5 officers over a parking violation.

Here is a link to a video showing the graphic content of the incident from a Washington Post article by Cindy Boren and Des Bieler.

Sterling Brown arrest video.

The background for this incident is as follows. Apparently, Sterling had went to a Walgreens late in the night in Milwaukee on 1/26/18. He had parked illegally in a handicapped space. We all understand that that was wrong. Sterling Brown should have not parked that way. In the video you can see the manner in which his car was parked. We understand Why the officer was there in the first place.

The Problem lies within the scenario that plays after. Rather than just giving Sterling a ticket and going about his day, The officer decided to argue with Sterling about the Problem at hand. Then, the officer proceeded to call for backup, another unnecessary action that caused events to turn for the worse. 5 officers pulled up to the scene, something that the initial officer admitted in the video he did not ask for. They then surrounded Mr. Brown and arrested then threw him to the ground and tasered him.

Right now, lets count the folly’s of the Police officer. number 1, instead of writing a ticket to the unarmed black man in the middle of the night, because NO ONE wanted to be there at that time. The officer proceeded to establish his dominance on the 6 foot 6 ball player who he thought he was better than. You can hear it in his tone of voice. The officer appeared to be intimidated by the 6 foot 6 black, law abiding citizen that made a simple mistake.

Reminder, We know Sterling should not have parked the way he did. Even Sterling knows that was a mistake. However it didn’t mean he deserved to be arrested and tasered.

Mistake two, The officer called backup. Form Sterling’s tone and demeanor, he did not deserve to have back up getting called. Sterling, although he argued with the officer,(barely) was not confrontational or antagonizing the officer in any way. He was calm, collected, and possibly waiting for his ticket to be issued. Not once did he raise his voice, or his body language. Something that most police officers can’t comprehend. The lack of emotion, or changing of stance, We must commend Sterling for not losing his cool, even with a taser to his back. He didn’t resist arrest, he laid there and had a first person view of the volatile and aggressive nature the officers displayed.

I’m not here Not to start a divisive argument or claim that all officers are the same. There are plenty of men and women that serve their communities across America, and they serve them well. The argument is that there are officers that are still around that refuse to conduct themselves in manners that serve their citizens, even when their citizens are wrong. The officers in this video are an example of this inability to do so.

Sterling became a victim of injustice, He saw fist hand how the system is rigged against him. 5 plus officers arrested and tasered this helpless man on the ground. My theory is because he was a 6 foot 6 black an that towered over them. In most scenarios that’s the type of perpetrator people are conditioned to fear. He was not wavering from his position, his only violation was illegally parking. None of that equates to the fate he received.

We demand justice for Sterling Brown. We demand the names of the officers who arrested him, we demand they be punished accordingly. Desk work, unpaid leave, some type of punishment that equates to the time wasting they caused for the Milwaukee Bucks guard. We demand this immediately for it is paramount that they receive this punishment so that this type off atrocity doesn’t occur again. Even though it may, Still justice for Sterling Brown is all we want.

As of right now, it is common knowledge That Sterling Brown is filing a civil rights case against the Milwaukee police department.

Sterling Brown waited for video footage to be released before taking action. He didn’t want to be seen as an aggressor, He didn’t want people to see it as his word vs theirs( police officers). He wanted the evidence to present itself to the public so that they may see the scenario in the truth. A smart play Sterling, May you receive justice for this horrible act.

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