New Journeys

Wiping off tears from the memories of failed lovers
You curl your hair in silence,
The heat and steam from the curling iron wisps
Away the waterworks falling down from your radiant face
Even though it’s a new morning
The stings of yesterday linger on your racing psyche
Forcing you to shed tears for failed possibilities

What could’ve been, what should’ve been
What you ran from
What you tried to salvage
What ran from you
All these follys penetrate your psyche and scar your life
Cursed with the fear that you may never find love.

Turning to your makeup you reluctantly pretty your face
Elegantly and gracefully, you become a wizard with the face paint
No, it doesn’t shield the pain,
No it doesn’t change the past,
No it cannot help you escape the fact that you’ve loved and lost

This is your routine, and no amount of pain can deflect you from proceeding with it.
No man, woman, or child will keep you from this
No force, or emotion can stop you from being brave, putting your face together and preparing to face the day.
As you get the rest of yourself together, you walk out the door
On a new journey,
With wishes you’ll find another lover
And confidence you’ll discover love within yourself

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