Make America Great Again

Blind, and filled with rage as I let loose on this page

I sit in disdain at the notion that this god forsaken nation was ever called “great”

The self induced hate, the pain,the massacres, genocide, the cries and blood left over

that’s stained from the intensive and abusive work of the cotton picking slaves?

How the FUCK, was this nation ever “great”?

The ire I feel comes from the pain my predecessors felt

as they fought through the reign of

White supremacy just to be able to garner equal education, food, and equitable housing

in a nation that brought them away from home to a place they called “great”,

The hatred that boils my blood is a byproduct of the loopholes in the 13th amendment

that still legally enslaved those that were recently released from their chains.

I feel for my native brothers and sisters who were not only booted out of their homes

that they shared with these “white devils”

 killed, and raped in mass quantities by the claim of “manifest destiny”

How the FUCK was this nation ever great?


Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate white people

I hate the systems in which they benefit from

And if in this day and age you’re unaware of what that is then climb from under your

conservative rock and look some real shit up rather than watching the Kardashians, The Flash or love and hip-hop

You wonder why we seem so filled with anger when you spill our brothers and sisters

blood on the floor while unarmed yet little white boys shoot up schools and get off as

mentally ill

But the will of Mike Brown when faced by an officer with a loaded gun was equivalent to

the Hulk

TAMIR RICE was a 12 year old “ criminal” shooting people with a toy gun and you

mauled him within seconds of contact.

No justice, no peace,

his mother still has nightmares of her child’s death in her sleep

Yet you still ask for this country to be “great” again

When has this country ever been great my friend

when it dropped not one but two atomic bombs on a surrendering country,

when it imperialized millions across the globe

when in 2018 it’s still illegal to be anything but white?!

When you can redline areas and force people to live there for decades

Under harsh conditions only to sell these same neighborhoods and refurbish them to

their gentrified persons.

When BLACK LIVES still don’t MATTER, so I ask you,

When the FUCK, has this country ever been great?

To wish it great again?

AMERICA the beautiful, didn’t they tell you beauty was skin Deep?

peel the skin off this country you’ll see the ugliest bitch you’ve ever dreamt of, why?

Because America was never great

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