The Man, The legend, The Great. Lebron James

8 straight NBA Finals appearances…
led the league in minutes played in his 15th season….

lebron’s stats

The greatest player of our generation…

9 finals appearances, 3 victories, we are all WITNESSES to one of the greatest players ever.

There may never be another Lebron James. Today, in this age we are legitimately watching a legend unfold. We will tell our children of the tales and the escapades of this legendary player. We will bask in the glory and the stories he told to us in live action as he chased greatness on the hardwood floor. We will tell of his struggles, his falls, his achievements, his successes on and off the court. And we will appreciate everything he gave to us, every  single night.


We know his story, single mom, gave birth at 16. Had hoop dreams he made a reality. But that didn’t stop there. a good amount of us can relate to this story. moving from house to house, poor, all the things many black youth face. He made it out the bottom, literally. Now he has 2 houses in LA, a seasonal high paying job in Cleveland, 3 kids, a wife. Living the american dream. Lebron James, a legend in the making. He is known as the best player of his generation and has become part of the conversation as the best basketball player ever. Now, facing a 3-0 deficit in the NBA finals once more, we bring up his legacy once more.

This conversation has polarized sports and put Lebron James in the conversation in the same breath as greats like Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant, two of the greatest to ever play. Although his accolades are lacking in the championship pedigree, he is in the conversation of The greatest of all time. That, in my eyes is enough at this moment. Comparisons are relegated to opinions, yet the sheer fact that this man is mentioned in conversations to the point that its becoming aggravating to discuss it means Lebron is doing something right. And we all need to step back and realize this, because if he’s just part of the conversation right now, imagine what the conversation will be when his career is said and done.

We have to remember, Lebron James led the league in minutes played in his 15th NBA season. coming straight out of high school, playing high in the 70 games category each year. not having one substantial injury, this man is borderline bionic. And it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. In his 15th season he’s still showing greatness as he propelled a team of sub-par players to an NBA finals birth, some say it’s his greatest achievement. This is…up for debate. Nevertheless, our conversation about his GOAT status is still in the air and we need for his product to be finished before we can truly evaluate where he stands. until then we must enjoy the show he puts on. Respect the legendary career of a man that gave us excellence every night as a basketball player. This is all before the conversation of his off the court antics, philanthropy, humanitarianism, plus the fact that he put his best friends from high school through college and they made businesses out of that that coincide with his business goals, and they’re flourishing?!

This is man that we look up to, However this is a conversation for another day. Right now we must take a step back and remember his on the court accolades.

We must appreciate the legend we have before us before we are reminiscing on the greatness he displayed.

so for a short moment, lets remember the man, the legend, the great Lebron James.

Here are some links to some of his greatest games

Lebron vs Boston

Lebron vs Detroit

Lebron vs golden state warriors 2016


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