What Happened To Kanye?

What happened to the College Dropout? Late registration? Graduation? What happened to that revolutionary voice of the people? What happened to that man we fell in love with as a celebrity because he gave us powerful music? What happened to Kanye? A lot of things happened to Kanye. A lot of things we avoided, we looked away from signs. The evolution of Kanye West, from the young, hungry, soul full, arrogant (emphasis on arrogant) man who gave us spine tingling music. The man who said George Bush doesn’t care about black people (paraphrased). the man that was so futuristic, a fashion icon, a general with the heart of a soldier. The same man that took homeless clothes and made it a fashion statement. “you ain’t got the answers Sway!”

Kanye has been an entertaining and out of the box thinker for years. For years he has challenged common conversation and ideals. Almost every time you see him with a camera he has a new stunt or idea coming out. It seems as though he loves a camera, and he loves a show. Over and over again we’ve seen this man perform outlandish stunts, either for publicity or for the sheer fact that he’s mentally ill. Over and over again we said ” that’s just Kanye” or “Kanye is Whailin”. Not once did we say “he needs help” or “he’s mentally ill“. And now, we are seeing what happens when you let a rapid dog off the leash. It comes back to bite us. Kanye’s recent stunt was wearing a Make America Great Again hat and stating on TMZ that “slavery was a choice.” .

” Slavery was a choice” .

Of all the things you could have said, you say something like that. Millions of people watching, and millions more will witness the very line you said.

” Slavery was a choice”

Context, Prior to stating this outlandish claim Kanye said something in the radius of  people make their own choices, he then used slavery as a reference to his case.

Here’s the problem. Using slavery as a basis for your argument was weak, inconsiderate, and polarizing. Weak because it was a poor  argument to begin with, as well as it being ignorant and inconsiderate to accuse the slaves of having an opportunity of choice that equates to the free choice Kanye had been alluding to in his conversation on TMZ. The conversation Kanye wanted to create was of free choice, that your decisions and the results are based off you, and they affect you. You control your own destiny. This use of slavery being a choice was the wrong argument. This spared a nation wide conversation on the free choice slaves had. And the worst part, people actually defended this argument.

What were the slaves choices? fight for their freedom or die? escape? Reminder, many slaves were beaten and tortured in front of their own people. Also They were considered property!!! Legally, escaped slaves could be dragged back into slavery. revolution? that was tried and failed, for those that realized they were slaves. The others? they were too afraid to rise up, why? because the penalties that ensued were equivalent to death, or worse. Slavery had a choke hold on black people.  Its not like you can choose a different job tomorrow. ” I dont want to be a slave no mo massa” slaves didn’t have that much of a choice. So, for those that wish to defend this argument, understand context and time period, as well as where you are and how you can make choices compared to those who weren’t capable of doing so.


The times of slavery there wasn’t a free thinking world, there wasn’t the ability to choose which had or piece of clothing we could have on any given day. This is what Kanye’s argument was about.

This man has pushed and pushed to the point of pure rage from his constituents, and his lack of consideration for other’s feelings has elevated to an all time high. Recently he paid $85,000 to put the picture of Whitney Houston’s bathroom picture on Push T’s album cover.

Another inflammatory and disrespectful  that only caused more anger and disgust. This is disappointing, yet not surprising of Kanye West. This is the monster we have witness for over a decade now, and this time he has gone off the roller coaster entirely. It’s time to walk away from Kanye for good.

This is the same man that gave us musical mastery time and time again. There is no different an, there is no changed Kanye. This is the result of too much power and clout going to one’s head. And now we face the consequences of our praise of a man.

What happened to Kanye? no, what happened to your perception of Kanye? That is the true question. Because truthfully, this is the Kanye that has been around all this time. he just shielded it with the facade of his music. Kanye doesn’t challenge people’s perspectives, he does whatever is possible to get his name in people’s mouths, even if that means irritating them with ignorance, and this is just the latest stunt in his catalog of outlandish actions

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