Ellie and James

Ellie and James had been best friends for a very long time….

8 years to be exact, The met at a party for James’ then Best friend Jeremiah. Jeremiah always threw parties at the end of the week. Jeremiah and James went to high school together, played basketball and football too. Jeremiah introduced the two, and they immediately had chemistry. Jeremiah’s initial goal was to get them together, but Ellie and James had other plans. They sat and talked for about a good two hours, getting to know each other, and cracking jokes on all the drunk people acting a fool. neither one of them drank or smoked, they had fun in other ways. exchanging each others numbers that day was as if fate decided they’d be together for ever. After that they were inseparable and comparable to some of the greatest dynamic duos ever. Kobe and shaq, Ike and Tina, Obama and Michelle. Their friendship was one that made many people envy it. A lot of people often thought they were together with the way they would spend time together. going out to eat, catching movies together, being seen at social events together. It was a deep and dynamic friendship that was incomprehensible to many people

Ellie was a sexy nerd, in a sense. She has these thick glasses, but they were cute on her.  A long, blonde wig that complemented her caramel skin nicely. At the time, she was slender, but on the skinny side. She was roughly 5’4 and a half. She loved to read, and go out on adventures. She was a Stephen King fanatic, and had a fetish for scary movies. She was well versed into Shakespeare and poetry, and often did spoken word at shows. Bajan and Jamaican were her heritages, and she wore them proudly. She was a Houston girl, with a shy mentality when she first moved to Dallas, 12 years ago. New job, but no real connections. Didn’t have too many friends to start, but quickly changed that due to her looks and open personality. Meeting James opened her up to a larger community. She was a really goofy girl with a lot of jokes. And very woke. Often times she would teach James about social Justice and about the many strides African Americans took to get to where they are now.she was loose and free and always looking to have a good time. This stems from the strictness of her father, and her desire not to drink comes from his alcoholism that has tarnished his liver.

James was a smart jock, played wide receiver in high-school, two way guard in high-school and college. Received scholarships all over the place, but decided to play at Texas, it was home. He was home for break when he met Ellie, and she would often come visit him on campus whenever  she could. James grew up a little privileged, however very humble. His Father was a lawyer, 6’6, dark chocolate man. Strong body, he also played ball in his old days, His mother, also a lawyer, a thick milk chocolate woman who at 45 could’ve passed For James’ sister or girlfriend at times. His friends loved his mom and always make jokes about her because they know it gets to him. His parents raised him amazingly, to respect everyone, especially women. They were especially fond of Ellie who had a great rapport with them. Ellie and James’ mother would often go out to get nails and hair done. This would get James jealous because he was a bit of a momma’s boy , and didn’t like that Ellie spent more time with her than him. However he didn’t want to sit through nails, hair, and potentially shopping so he would pass. James stood at 6’4, he was tall and skin toned like his mother with smooth skin. He was ripped, and toned, his football body gave him that leisure. He was liked by everyone, he was modest, charismatic, smart, a great head on his shoulders. He had ambitions of joining his parent’s law firm at a young age. They were corporate lawyers, and  James wanted to be one, however Ellie changed that with her social justice soliloquies. He eventually decide on being a defense attorney and focused on young African American boys and girls. So his journey through Law school began. Meanwhile, Ellie, who had dreams of being a writer and reporter went on to intern at local radio-stations and worked under a news anchor.

Time went by, they became more and more busy yet the two still found time together. James dated one of Ellie’s girlfriends, Tracey for a while. Ellie was seeing this chief anchor at the station. So their time together became more and more limited. However their chemistry never faded.

One day Tracey was getting brunch with Ellie and a couple of other girls, and they began to talk about sex. Tracey began to describe the first time she had  sex with James. She explained that he’s unbelievably thick and long, roughly 9 to 10 inches. She never measured it, she just knows it’s that big by how deep into her guts he gets. His foreplay was intense, for a man so big and so strong, he’s gentile with touch. She described that he starts by placing two fingers on her pussy, while giving soft kisses on her neck, slowly using his tongue and his beard to tickle her. It tingles her and she gives of subtle moans out of natural reaction. All the while, his fingers are rubbing her clit. Softly, smoothly, circular, then up and down. He puts pressure on her, but not too much. Tracey describes how she gets hot of the pleasure, but James barely scratches the surface. His kisses start to reach her breasts as the intensity riles up. Now his fingers are inside of her, and she’s starting to get wet, James lightly caresses her insides. going in and out with his thick finger. She describes this as if it were a penis penetrating her.

Her moans start to slowly get louder as her body temperature rises and she tries to push away, but James has no intention of letting her escape. He begins to speed up the finger motion as he sucks and kisses on her succulent breasts, slowly moving down to her navel. when he reached the clitoris he lifted Tracey into the air and began to swallow her juices. His tongue was long and aggressive. Aggressive in the sense that it was relentlessly flicking her clit softly and swiftly. There was no let up in the stroking with his tongue. the intense feeling was instant ecstasy for Tracey. James seemed like her was toying with her clit. He clearly had done this before. He took extra care to lick the clit. making sure his licking was consistent, but not too strong. he wanted her to feel the pleasure. Digging deep into her juicy pussy with his snake-like tongue, Tracey found herself screaming and clawing at his face. James, focused on making her cum continues his assault on her vagina.

Relentlessly her ate her pussy she screamed and shouted until she came in his mouth. James aware of the event continues eating for a little while before he slams her on the bed.

Like a predator staring down his helpless prey, James pulls down his drawers, and pulls out his enormous cock. the sheer size of the shaft gives Tracey chills. she stares at it for a moment in fear and excitement. knowing how big it is, she knows it will hurt, but she’s prepared for the intensity and the pleasure. James slowly strokes his dick and climbs onto the bed  to penetrate shawty. The initial stoke makes Tracey scream in pain and try to push away. She tugs on James’ hair and scratches deep into his back while trying to push him away. Her face is all screwed up and she gasps for air as James simply smiles and begins to ease deeper. He lets out a little moan as well, as her pussy is wet, and warm. It was very tight in there so James started off with slow strokes. He also knew Tracey was struggling to take all of him, so he stayed to just a couple of inches past the tip. Tracey moaned louder and louder as he began his initial strokes, each getting deeper and harder to take. She wasn’t going to back out though. She slowly opened her legs up and began to thrust her pelvis back to James pushing him closer as a sign that she wanted more. James caught on quick. His strokes began to get deeper. Within just a few strokes, he was going all the way in. Then out of Tracey.  In, then out, then in again. Tracey gasped in awe and became fully lost into Ecstasy as she screamed over and over again. she bit him on his neck hard, leaving a mark, and clawed his back as she moaned and began to shed tears at the pain and pleasure of the penetration. The sensations made her excrete her juices, and she began to feel more pleasure and less pain with each passing second. Her pussy was getting wetter as James began to moan a little bit. James started to hit his stride, he was giving her deep strokes at a moderate speed, trying to ease Tracey into the intense sex she was about to have.

The girls were into the story now. Their eyes lighting up and they were screaming in excitement at the amazing sexual gifts James had. Ellie on the other hand was awe struck. She never saw James in such a light, so she was amazed at his talents. She sat there shocked as Tracey continued her story, listening to him fuck Tracey’s brains out. In an instant she began to feel hot, and she noticed he panties get a little wet too. All this time they were friends she wasn’t sexually attracted to him till this day, and she shrunk for a bit as Tracy continued about how he man handled her.

Tracey was explaining how James began to speed up his stroke while still in missionary. At this point the two were sweating, so the sex was even more intense. they were fucking so hard that the bed began to move, Tracey’s screams couldn’t keep up with the stroking, so she often paused and let out moans as the fucking continued, he was hitting her spot at a rapid rate and looked like he had not intention of stopping. So she had no time to react. She came so fast she almost didn’t notice, and in that same moment, James came out of her and flipped her over. The roughness of the flip was so instant and sexy that Tracey gasped and smiled as she arched her back preparing for the back-shots. the girls loved this part, they started to perch their asses on the chairs to imitate how they though Tracey arched hers. Ellie, in awe began to fantasize about James herself in her head.

James wasted no time easing into this position, he spat on his dick and began to hit Tracey with the hard long fast strokes, And Tracey screamed and gripped the sheets extremely hard.  He started with his leg up, for perfect positioning, Her ass looked perfect in this position as it bounced back on his pelvis, Tracey was struggling to take it, she began to shout wait, wait wait, But this only made it worse for her, James didn’t want to hear wait. Tracey was going to take it, so James immediately gripped onto Tracey’s hips with both hands, digging deep into her back dimples and began to thrust harder than before. This times stroking harder and faster, Tracey let out a large shout and tried to run away but James’ grip was too strong. He was fucking the shit out of her and she was cumming like never before. Her screams getting more frequent as James went deeper, clapping her cheeks on his navel. Then in an instant, he pulled out and came on her back. Aiming for her ass, his cum squirted up her back and almost to her neck. Tracey was amazed at how much came out and laughed at James moaning and grunting. She sat there in the doggy position catching her breath, and sitting in awe at how amazing that sex was.

Ellie couldn’t help herself, she was hot and getting wetter at the story.  She had to excuse herself from the table. Ellie rushed to her car and hurried home. She immediately rushed to her room and ran for her drawer and pulled out her toys from her secret compartment. Ellie’s imagination was running wild, her heart pounding and her body doing things she didn’t know it could, the fantasy of James making love to her was driving her body crazy. She never felt this way for him, but today was different. She felt guilty as she pulled out her vibrator and used it on herself. She had a thick, 8 inch blue dildo that vibrated flagrantly. she could never take it all, but today, she didn’t care. She wasted not time shoving it all in her pussy. She had no idea what was coming over her, but she loved the feeling. She was playing with herself like never before. Thrusting the the dildo in and out of her while playing with her clit. She started to moan loudly, and kept thinking about James more and more. His body on hers, them sweating, everything was a combination that made her lose her mind. She thought of what positions he could put her in, how rough he would be. She thought of his soft kisses, she thought of his foreplay,

She came all over her sheets, there was a puddle of juices when she was done. Ellie, realizing what she had done initially began to feel guilty, she was in a relationship, and suddenly lusted over a whole other person. She began to cry a little as she lay in her puddle of cum. James was her best friend, And Tracey was her home girl, she couldn’t lust over him. She knows that would change their friendship and mess a lot of things up.

Suddenly, her phone started to ring. It was Eric, her boyfriend, she looked at it in disgust and watched it ring a couple of times. Then she picked it up.”hello?”

to be continued…

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