If our two souls were forever linked to love and create together we’d probably burn holes in each Others hearts with how radically different we are

Passion In The moment couldn’t translate our love for each other into an ever existing peace That forges the bonds of fidelity

So we hopelessly gaze into each others eyes trying to force a feeling that will never exist

Forever fighting to see if the universe would give in

And allow us to love

You were an angel from above that saved me from the clutches of satan himself

And I the archangel’s herald fought hard to push you away knowing i’d carve your heart into Pieces

Yet you stayed

Me knowing i’d tear you apart kept you in.

The way while you knowing i’d tear you apart looked Straight into my eyes and watched me gouge your heart from your body

You had this faint hope that someday we’ll grow old and have kids and land and i’d make you a Bath every night

And the passion from the sex gave us more hope every night

But when I woke I hated your sight

because you gave me the freight of Feelings

Feeling that everything was just right

And in Your coaxing we caused friction that started fire

And we burned together,

Your resentment grew as did mine,

We became so deep into an artificial love that instead of going our separate ways we decided to Stay,

and that was our biggest mistake,

Because I never changed ,

and it sent you away

The very thing I kept pushing for hurt me the most in the end because I thought you’d never Leave and when you finally did it was already too late

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