So Lebron has made his highly anticipated decision. Where did he go this time? Tensile town, Showtime, Hollywood, Los Angelos. Of all the spots he could’ve landed in, Philly, Boston, Miami, Cleveland, San Antonio, Houston. No, LeBron chose LA. For months we contemplated where LeBron would land in free agency. And last night we got our answer. The man, The legend, one of the most if not the most polarizing figures in sports ever has etched his name in the history books once again. The Greatest player of our generation has taken his talents to Venice beach, And now we get to see the next chapter of his life. LABron is here.

In his 16th season, there is belief that we have yet to see the best of LeBron. We thought he peaked in Miami when he dazzled us with heatles brilliance alongside his best friend Dwyane wade and Chris Bosh. We believed that his legend was secured when he acquired the first championship in Cleveland sports history since the championship the great Joe Brown won so many decades ago.  But then he played one of his greatest seasons ever in his 15th season a 33 years of age. something we’ve only seen since Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. The greatness to be elite and arguably the best player in the NBA at said age. And it seemed like Lebron wasn’t getting any older. Like fine wine, He gets better with time.

LABron, as Lavar Ball says. Now going into his 16th season he joins Magic Johnson (Lakers president of basketball operations) in what could be one of the greatest stories in sports history. We thought that winning a championship for Cleveland was. We all remember him crying and screaming “Cleveland, this is for you!” on national television when he acquired that trophy.

I believe this is going to be his greatest accomplishment. The most storied franchise in the NBA ( yes more storied than Boston). one of the biggest markets in the NBA. A franchise with a bunch of young stars looking for leadership. A franchise 5 years out of he playoffs and starving for relevancy once again. A third team to take to the NBA finals. At the end of his career, If Lebron James pulls out even one more championship with the likes of Lonzo Ball and company, he can solidify his name as the best player to play the game. That statement, although appearing to be biased comes from more objectivity than what is presented. a championship with a third team? being potentially the best player on his team at the time in an overpowered and stacked Western conference in the NBA? Yeah, its possible.

However, despite all the basketball chatter, There was more to this decision. This is much bigger than basketball. The business ventures he can partake in while in LA are momentous and have a lot of people salivating at the opportunities. The possibilities of merchandise, advertisement, movies, and all other business opportunities potentially hold the biggest significance in this new venture for the King. The excitement has everyone raving about the ideas. The next 4 years are potentially going to reshape not only the basketball world on the court, but the basketball world as a whole. What does that mean?

When Lebron signed his first big deal in Cleveland many moons ago he only signed for 3 years. This was unprecedented in the NBA landscape. Players usually signed huge extensions after their rookie contracts, well players of Lebron’ caliber and potential. He had taken control of his own destiny, putting faith in Cleveland for 3 years to build a championship caliber team, he signed for that duration. Then in 2010, he opted out of his contract and infamously took his talents to south beach. From there he signed a six year deal with an opt out at 4. Again, changing the landscape of the NBA. Most players don’t do what Lebron did. his teammates Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh also had the same contracts. Nevertheless, these types of contracts were strategic and mean for possibilities of movement if LeBron so chooses. That way if he wasn’t in a championship situation he could move elsewhere. We all know what he did in Miami. When he returned to Cleveland for his second stint he only signed for 2 year deals with an opt out for one. The contracts were max deals as well. At this point the salary cap was going to rise significantly. for more information on player’s salaries, click on the link below

NBA salaries

There was a new TV deal in the works which would spike the cap. Meaning teams could sign players for more money. Lebron knew this and he capitalized. Now in the present day, Lebron James has signed a 4 year, 153.3 million dollar deal with the LA Lakers, hat splits to roughly 38.32 million a year. This give Lebron enough time to tackle all his business ventures while still playing basketball at a high level.

This man is bigger than basketball now if he wasn’t already, an inspiration to many young hoopers destined to make it to the league of controlling the narrative and your own destiny. Brilliant LABRon, just Brilliant

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