Something that i love to do no matter what

No matter what i’m feeling, no matter where I am. No matter what i’m doing. I will always love the game of basketball. The energy, the sounds. There’s nothing more beautiful that the ball bouncing on the court, the squeaking of shoes, the cling of the net. Every time I step on a court i feel at home. I feel free. I’m immediately ascending to a level of happiness that breaches the clouds and takes me spiritually to places unknown. The love I have for the game never dies. I could have lost 1000 games in a row, I’ll play another. My body could be worn down, i’ll keep going. The basketball is my most reliable friend, not my best, but my most reliable. When I drop it it comes back up to me, it goes where I go, and it always takes me from the miseries that life brings. Basketball is more than a game. It is an art form, it is a spiritual release. it is a magical place that evolves with me. It doesn’t matter how great I am. It doesn’t matter how far it can take me. So long as I have shoes to lace up, a net, and a ball to play with I will always be happy. On that court I become another person, My fears go away, my pressures are lost in the sounds of the game. My worries die and i become one with the sport.


My second passion, well you’re reading it. I love writing. I love creating stories and playing with the English language. I see English as a puppet that I the ventriloquist shapes its movement and flow with my hands. Writing makes me feel free, it channels my energy through the pen onto paper and allows me to explode into peoples minds, hearts, and souls. Telling my story for them to interpret. Revealing to people angles they haven’t seen before or revisiting pieces to puzzles people looked over. There’s so much to write about, so much I can do with writing. And every time I write I feel free and as happy as possible. Writing my way out of life, writing my way into peace. when I let go and get on that paper, everything changes and my world expands.

Two passions, two things I love the most. Two things that will never get old to me.

What do you love?

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