My, you are so beautiful
Just as pretty as the sun on the horizon when the dawn breaks night
The glistening hues radiate just as your face when your smile lights up my world
The light of the sun kissed the flowers and allows them to glow with the fresh dew,
Beautiful as a brand new day, fresh, blessed, and embellished I’m beau
I would imagine being in your presence as amazing as running barefoot in a flower meadow filled with daisies on a bright warm summer day
You are as beautiful as the the Milky Way far far away from city lights in a canyon void of noise, staring into the confides of space is what I see when looking into your eyes, I fall apart in the vacuum of your glare and become lost in the spinning lights that your pupils reveal
You are one of life’s great treasures and if you let me I’ll cherish you forever,
Glittering brighter than gold
Body set as good as warm chocolate mixed with ice cream on a hot day
Too strong to latch on to me
Too independent to need anyone, nothing is out of your reach,
And I sit year basking in your beauty hoping to take your arm and traverse the vast seas
Show you off to the world
Because girl, you deserve it

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