A place we cannot see

Come with me,

To a place we cannot see, Where the leaves never fall off the trees

And the grass is always green

come with me to a place where the water is always clean.

Where the people are always filled with glee

come with me

to the paradise we cannot glance at with our eyes.

filled with beautiful animals and perfect skies

Where the are people that live without lies

let us rejoice in a world radiant with life

come with me, let us see this invisible world

A world where we never frown

A world where we all wear crowns

And bask in the sounds of happiness and cheer

A world we cannot see with our eyes

but one with our ears

with our minds

deep beyond the lines of sight

this is a world where we all take flight

please come with me, to a world where all your troubles will wash away

with the big blue sea


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