Butterfly pt2

Encased in this solid form
Slowly anticipating the day she breaks out
The silent caterpillar sleeps in the cold dark night
Under the stars
Dreaming of the day she’ll break out
And finally take flight
Her patience is slimming
Yet her fervor to fly replaces those feelings of anguish
The silent fantasies of glistening into the night
Dazzling those that are blessed with her sight
Are all the things keeping this morphing sane
The crystalis grows as she begins to generate her wings
Her body changing inside the walls made of pure silk. Sh sits in fear of her life, for there are vicious cheaters of the night waiting to clip her wings before she can take flight
Yet that doesn’t break her stead
She only focuses on the sky, and how it will welcome her when she breaks free
So for now, that quiet caterpillar sits in wait
Her perseverance and hard work will pay off eventually, and when it does, the beauty encased inside will shine bright in the night

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