Justice for Emmett Till?

The FBI has recently re-opened the case that practically started the civil right movement.

The case that scared the black community for decades. The case of a little innocent black boy, who was brutally murdered by three white men because he whistled at a white girl.

Now, over 60 years later they have re-opened the case, but for what reason?

Everyone involved in the case is dead, everyone except Carolyn Donham, the woman who accused Till of whistling to her and grabbing her arm.

It has been revealed that she disclosed that her claims against Till were false in an interview to Timothy Tyson, writer of the book The blood of Emmett Till.

Tyson is said to had turned in the information to the FBI who’s is now reopening the case.

The question is why? To put Donham in jail? To try her for falsification, false claims?

Many people may believe that she should be sentenced to prison for the rest of her life. Here’s a counter argument to that.

The woman is roughly 84 years old. She’s lived with the guilt of causing Till’s murder for over 60 years. What justice could come out of this. This opens up new wounds for Till’s family.

It causes nothing but anxiety and pain to a family and a community plagued with injustice. Reopening this case proves nothing. The world knows Emmett Till never made any actions toward Donham. Why re-open the case? To what end?

Is it a ploy of propaganda as well? Could this be a distraction to a bigger problem? Possibly. Why re-open a case so old, so horrifying, so traumatic?

Because Emmett Till deserves justice. An innocent, unarmed black teen subjugated to a wrongful death and beating by three vicious and monstrous men because of the vile accusations of an even more menacing woman. That boy deserved none of this and his family had to live with the injustice for decades. Finally, they’ll be able to rest, knowing that they found justice for Emmett. Reopening this case holds more significance than its receiving and should be visualized as such. This case is a representation of so many unarmed black men being victims to the social systems of racism that plague America. Justice for Emmett Till would be an ultimate victory and one step closer to an America that destroys racism. Potentially small, yet a step either way.

So what will be received in this case? Only time will tell. Will putting Donham in jail for the rest of her life do justice? We don’t know yet. That’s up to Till’s family. It is both a relief and a sore in the side to reopen this case. However that is nothing compared to the pain Young Till faced when he died, or the pain Mammy Till suffered until she died. So we as a nation must suffer this little bit of pain in order to see through the truth, and justice we were ” promised” by our forefathers.

Let us be ambitious in our journey for Emmet Till’s justice, but wary that it may be a cover up to other issues.


Justice for Emmett Till

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