Enslaved pt 1

Wrapped up in chains wrapped up in chains
Even in this day and age I still see people being enslaved
And others surprised as to how that came
To be
Then others hide behind the false tenses of liberty
Turning their faces as if these cases will go away or be solved on Their own
Then there’s the people who give false hope
Asking for funding that goes to some arbitrary source
and poof
Our dollars are believed to be sent to the cause
And we continue on with our lives as if they needed a pause
Wrapped in chains wrapped in chains
There’s no surprise that today there are still slaves
And what’s the best we can do?
Raise awareness to these young girls forced to be with these
Horrible dudes
Malicious men
Who pray on young virgin women
Who pray on innocent women
Making them “wives”
More like sex slaves
Raped every day
Forced to marry men they wish were gay
Or dead
Or wishing they were dead themselves
No where to run
No way to cry for help
Forced into slavery
They are not wed
they are owned
How could men be such vile creatures as to pray on young woman like this
The selfishness of masculinity reveals its true fragile form
The savagery on display
Pray for these girls
Save these girls
Pray pray
Pray for the day they get the chance to run away
Wrapped up in chains wrapped up in chains
Not every chain is tangible
Some shackle the brain and for these girls
Though not physically chained
It doesn’t stop them from being enslaved
To the horrors of men who’s true form is something Reminiscent of stomach bowels
Oh how disgusting can you become

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