Do Black men love Latinas more?

Disclaimer!!!!! This is mainly opinion based and a result from my own experiences if you have a rebuttals I’d gladly hear it respectfully and honestly

For a long time there has been the age old topic of discussion. The question that needs answering over and over again.

Why do black men prefer Latinas over black women?

There are a myriad of answers to this question. Here are some for your viewing pleasure. These are a few presumptions of black men favoring Latinas over black women i’ve come across over the years

Latinas look better: their fair skinned, slim, thick, and have beautiful hair. They’ll make great babies.

They’re lighter skinned: yes I said fair skinned previously. Yet this is something that needs to be highlighted, the likeness to the lighter skin has been a problem in the black community for decades, why not a Latina with light skin?

They’re more loving: They have more affection

They’re more submissive: yes I’ve heard that Latina women are more submissive than black women and that attracts the black male species. They’re more supportive and listen easier

They’re crazy: Latina women are crazy and have a level of crazy that turns us on. It’s fiery, it’s passionate, it’s exciting.

They’re exotic: they are out of the ordinary and not what we’re used to, ( black women)

They aren’t bitter and battered: many black women appear to be bitter, angry, depressed, and antagonistic all the time. That appears to be unattractive to black men. Yet I know plenty of Latina women with the same characteristics

So what is it about Latina women that black men love?

So we like em’ crazy right?

Our affinity for Latina’s derives from in my opinion all the traits we wish to see in black women. Crazy, caring, exotic, aesthetics of the body and face. Big asses. All the physical and mental traits of a black women we wish to see in Latinas, and we prefer them over black women. Even light skinned black women are second to a Latina.

You can’t possibly say they look better, all women have different traits about them that make them look good, light skinned dark skinned, tall, short. There’s no ethnic group that as a collective has better physical traits over the other. Speaking of physical traits hair can’t be the issue. Many black women have amazing hair that they work hard to maintain. Black hair works differently from different types of hair. All hair needs maintaining, yes. Yet black women have to take an extended amount of care for there hair to be presentable. Natural or unnatural to fit the standards of beauty set by society.

As far as more loving, I don’t think there’s a way to measure a women’s love. However from my personal experience and historically. Black men have been supported the most and with the most fervor by black women. They ground us and motivate us when no one else will. Behind every great black man was a strong black women. Not to say Latina women aren’t strong and supportive. But to say Latina women can be more caring of a black man than a black woman seems a bit egregious. There has been an unwavering amount of support of black men by black women time and time again. Think of your mothers black men and how loving they can be.

As for being submissive. You want the woman around you to be submissive? Then there is a weakness in you. This challenges your own humanity and reveals the fragility in your masculinity. Your women should not be submissive to you, they shouldn’t stroke your ego to that extent. They should challenge you mentally and physically and force you to grow as a person.

This should not be a deterrent from black women and if you see it as a problem and not a challenge then there are fundamental flaws in yourself you must fix.


Being more “crazy”should not be a turn on that turns you off from black women. No woman is crazy, but that’s an argument for another day.

A Latina’s crazy and a black woman’s crazy should not be a factor in your favoring of a woman. As far as exotic goes, all women are exotic and I mean that in the most human and positive way possible. All women are wonderful in their own manner there is nothing more enigmatic or exotic about a Latina woman than a black woman. They are not more evolved, or better created.

Lastly, and what I believe to be most important. The common misconception of the mad black Woman. The bitter black woman. Always turning up. Miserable. Angry. Very angry. A woman such as that expresses herself far too often. Why is that? Look at the history of the treatment of black women. From the exotic slaves that were raped by Slave masters ( yes the Taínos were raped too) to being the ” ugliest” women in America. Having to straighten their hair and support black men struggling to be seen as human beings. Barreling masculinity from black men as well. Black women have had to hold up us and build a back bone for themselves. They have room to blow off steam and stand up for themselves. Yes black women are angry, some bitter, some miserable. But that shouldn’t be a highlight or a deterrent from them. Yes Latinas have suffered racism and struggled through this patriarchal society as well. We cannot take that away from them. However it is highlighted in a negative field when facing the effects of said oppression on black women’s psyche compared to Latinas.

In conclusion,

Us as black men have to do better. I’m not saying be with black women more though I encourage it. I’m saying stop belittling black women for the physical traits they have that you wish to see in other women. And stop fading from them because you believe they are too strong for you. If you prefer Latinas that’s fine that’s your preference. But don’t make your reasoning for liking them be because they have some arbitrary feature you believe to be better than black women

We must treat black women as human beings and not some second class creature

We like em’ crazy tho right?

4 thoughts on “Do Black men love Latinas more?

  1. This was well written and gave new insight to the ongoing black vs.latina battle women have been facing

  2. First Donni I would like to say that everything on your Blog is well thought out and written. I congratulate you on your endeavors. In regards to this topic I think it’s an interesting one. I always wondered why black men would degrade Black women in comparison to Hispanic women. I say “Hispanic” because I think there’s is a misconception on what a “Latina” is. Society deems women that are light skinned and that speak Spanish as Latinas contrary to this belief a “Latina” is a woman originating from Latin America. Countries including those in the West Indies, Central America and South America that do not speak Spanish. Since that is the case a Latina can be a Black woman an Afro-Latina as labeled. This being said when a Black men says they like or prefer Latinas they are misguided cuz there is a variety of “Latinas” so what they’re trying to say is that they like them Fair or light skinned with good hair and “Sassy” attitudes as you mentioned above. I put Sassy in quotations because for a Hispanic woman it is alright to act crazy, angry, or have an attitude and that’s an attractive trait that turns these Black men on. Yet when a Black woman does it already they’re the “Angry Black woman” that no one wants to deal with. Why the double standard? Because of the Black womans so called Attitude the Black Society has remained upheld. Black Womans “attitude” has been the backbone for many historical events. During slavery whose attitude stood by there brethren’s, whose attitude freed slaves by the Underground Railroad, whose attitude sought Black women suffrage, whose attitude started the bus boycott? I can go on but it’s self explanatory. But what Black men and Society has labeled “Angry Black woman” is just the Black womans way of surviving in a world that’s against her due to complexion and gender. So when men say that they like “Hispanic” women over Black women that’s just self hate. Sorry Donni this was long

    1. No it was great, I was under the assumption to use Latina because Hispanic wasn’t the word to use but I understand the concept, I agree Latina is a spectrum and I thought of this as I wrote. Us being Afro Latina as people I fully comprehend what you’re saying and agree with you’re comments. And yes there is a lack of self love for Black men who prefer Hispanics over their black counterparts if they prefer them for the wrong reasons. Thank you for your sentiments they are well needed

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