Confessions of a man searching for self love

The best kind of love is through the self
I’m in a journey on my own
Crawling through the trenches of hell
That I call my mind
Discovering new energies I can absorb
And release our to the world
Traversing through the depths of my psyche
Hoping deep down I’ll find me
And The truths that I seek
The person that I’m supposed to be
Not who I wish to be
For that person is not human
He is perfect, indestructible, invincible
And if I am to be the best me,
I must discover
Deep in my soul
Than man that is flawed
That vulnerable man
For he, in all his glory, his amazement,
In all his greatness
Is nothing without his failures,
his problems, his misconceptions
And his pain
And that is the man I wish to be
The man I wish to love
Confessions of a man searching for self love

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