Today… In Black History

Black history is a history deeply engraved in American History. Lost in the archives of American lore we dive deep into its confides to discover the brilliance of blackness. Often times Americans of African descent have limited recollection of our history. Mainly because they are not granted to us in the history books.

Granted our value is revealed in other fields, our history has been stripped from us and our thoughts of being valued citizens in this country with it.

With this being said I intend to bring back a segment I like to call Today… In Black history. To bring life to our breaths with the amazing accomplishments of our lost ancestors.

This is Today… in Black history

Today… In Black History on July 24th,

David Jones Peck, the first African American to graduate from an American medical university is said to have been born on this day around 1826. He was known to be a barber and a wigman. As well as founding the African Methodist Episcopal ( AME) in Carlisle. His practice was stationed in Philadelphia, where he was born.

Townsend Sonny Brewster, a play-write and activist, was born in 1924

Sociologist Charles S. Johnson was born in 1893. Johnson was the founder and president of the historically black Fisk University. He was also the founder of the National Urban League Magazine

Ira Aldridge, born in New York city. Aldridge Was an actor and play-write in Britain and receive a bronze plaque at the shakespeare memorial Theatre

Barry Bonds, professional baseball player, was born on this day in 1964

Billy Taylor, musician, was born on this day

Karl Malone, professional basketball player. Malone accumulated second highest point total in over a career NBA history. He was born on this day in 1963

Sources: Black facts

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