10 things to live by in life

I recently have been struggling with anxiety and borderline depression. I lost faith in who I was and what I am capable of. I started to accept that I wasn’t extraordinary and that I’d never amount to much. It took time but I climbed out the depths of my mind trying to understand myself and who I was. The battle was brutal and the ptsd still lingers. I still suffer from anxiety. But I channel it into positives. By no means have I defeated it. I’ve just subdued it because my will to succeed and be all I can be became stronger. In this post, these are 10 things I follow to keep myself from falling into that trap of my mind daily. Hopefully they are useful to you reader

1.believe in yourself

Your are capable of far more than you think. You just need to put together the necessary faith in yourself that you can. It’s not easy in a world of 7 billion plus people. You can be quick to find yourself lost and deem yourself average. Faith in yourself is paramount to achieving your goals and being your best possible self. Nothing can stop you, not even yourself.

2. you’re not alone

Know that everyone struggles with something. We as people all go through our own adversity and you alone are not singled out. Seek those going through similar troubles. Seek those going through other problems. You’ll find comfort in knowing that you aren’t alone in your battle. Also, seek help from others, that may breed better days

3. Know your worth

Know what you want for yourself. Know how you wish to be treated by others. Know what’s worth your time and what isn’t. Stand your ground and understand that you matter. Know your tolerance. Know how much impact you can have. Respect it, breathe it, live it.

4. Don’t Compare to others

Don’t allow others journeys or progression the ability to creep into your mind. You are on your own path, don’t even measure to them in the slightest. Take your time, follow your process. Trust it to the fullest. What everyone else is doing will push you off task Because you end up trying to keep up. Staying in your lane cleanses the spirit, and allows you to continue with a clear mind. Know that your journey is yours to travel, and others can stop by to see it but cannot hitch a ride. So why worry about their paths?

5. Find things you love

Take time out of your day to find and do the things you love. No matter what that may be, take time to appreciate it. To Discover why you love it. To become lost in it. Remembering what you love is important in life, for it gives you added purpose. It also creates an escape from the chaos the world brings.

6. Challenge yourself

Go out to that place you’ve always wanted to. Try new cuisines. Do that thing you said you wanted to do that you put off. Take on a new venture. Move to that new place. Discipline yourself to that new lifestyle choice. Do things that force you to test your limits or going out your comfort zone. You’d be amazed at what you’re capable of

7. listen others

Your mind is not all knowing. You can’t get every bit of information from just yourself. Listen when people talk. Most people hear to respond. Not a lot hear to listen. Listen, understand and be kind to them. Not because you’d want that same gratitude but because you’re given so much more in life when you allow others to speak their mind.

8. Accept that you’re not always right

Know that what you think to be true can not always be absolute. That others opinions can hold more value and truth then your own at times. That what you say and do can be wrong. And that’s ok. We don’t all have the answers, there’s nothing wrong it’s that. It’s ok to be wrong on occasion. This helps us learn, which is more important than being right all the time

9. Learn from your mistakes

Learn from saying or doing the wrong thing. Learn From believing something you shouldn’t or falling on your face. Part of growth is knowing when you went wrong and learning how that happened. Taking that knowledge and applying it differently for the next time. Your mistakes are lessons. They are blessings in disguise because they are the way you learned not how to do something. They are archives in your journey that will become the library of you when all is said and done. The more the merrier, the more power in your adventure and the greater the value of your destination.

10. Follow your passion

Chase your dream, don’t let people or setbacks or yourself stop you from doing what you want to do. Follow your path. Some people will disapprove. You will lose faith. However any dream worth obtaining is one worth fighting for. Don’t give up on your passion and know that every step you take, whether forward or backward is a step in the right direction. Your dream is precious. Protect it. Fight for it. Don’t lose it to the wind.

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Adonis Richards

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