A long way from home,
Detached from our true selves
We wander the land of a foreign place
Attempting to find the spirit of who we are
Attempting to make a footing in a location unbeknownst to us
We find ourselves trying to survive those that don’t want us alive
But can’t get rid of us
Here we are trying to survive
Our identities, we’ve been robbed of that
Our former lives, lost in the seas we were carried on
Here we are
Trying to survive
Never asked if this fate,
Lost in this battle of race
Just attempting to live happily
Or at least escape
A country in flames
Burning us at a steak
From crimes we did not make
Subdued by this never ending cycle of hate,
Our oppressors have raped
And taken our selves from ourselves
In attempts at what they believe to be great
Our people denounce us as parts of them
From our homeland
Lost heritage, gone with the wind
Never to be recovered,
Flushed down the drain
Tosses off the boat with the rest of the slaves
That braved the scare of drowning,
Or being eaten by the sharks
We are orphans that made our home in one land because we don’t know if we belong to another
Not being wanted from either land so we’re stuck like people being buried in the sand
Are we home? The answer we will never know

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