Today… In Black History

Take time to turn back the clock to dig up the archives of Black history. On this day, July 28th, we dive deep into the abyss that is black history. The forgotten history, the articles we are blinded to. The fabric woven into the confides of the American quilt of time that designed this country, Made our of the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestor’s battle for representation, and recognition. Here is Today…In Black History

July 28th,


Garson Dewey, also known as Rajo Jack, was born on this day. Dewey was one of the first black racecar drivers in America.


The silent protest parade. On this day, thousands of African Americans marched down the famous 5th avenue in silence to protest racism and the wrong duo treatment of blacks in America. The women and children wore white and the men wore black.


Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas gives a speech to the National Bar Association

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