Life after college

After school,
What do we do?
Careers are scarce, money far fetched
Living standards rise faster than the morning tide
As we race to become our better selves while consistently watching everybody else
Anxiety creeps up
Passions rise and fall
And we ball
All over the floor as we crawl out of the shadows of our parents
Some of us become slaves to a wage
Have piling bills to pay
Babies on the way
Nobody taught us how to live once we stopped being kids
And how fast we went from being kids to breeding kids
Our lives flash before us and we fight to enjoy it while we can
Only to realize
It’s going to be alright in the end
We have time, but don’t let it go to waste
Run at your own pace and don’t let anyone steer you off course
Life is filled with ups and downs
Unfortunately we were told that less
And expected to be the best
Without any time to rest
Life after college
Oh how we wish we cherished every last breath

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