Back at it

Ok so I’ve been on hiatus for a couple of weeks.

Doing a bit of soul searching, attempting to figure my life out. I’m back at it, back to writing everyday. I have some topics I’m going to post in the following days. Today I’m Black History will be posted everyday. A new segment called sports commentary ( until I can find something else to call it) will be posted everyday. I will be looking to add plug ins and such for advertisements soon. Plus new edits to my site in the near future. Please stay tuned. Tell your friends. The more followers the better! Help me follow my dream of turning this into its own news site!!!!

As the following days go expect these posts:

NBA off season updates and commentary

The ride or die chick

Today in Black history

Madden tournament shooting and gun violence in America

Mental health in relation to gun violence in America

New poems!!!

Daily inspirational posts

Follow up on the Sterling brown case

Flint Michigan and the water crisis

The current state of America

Women in basketball

If you have anything you wish for me to write about. Please write in the comment section or wherever you comment via my social media I send this through



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