Stay sleep

Per our last transaction of the verbal currency you added no value to,

To all my I unwoke Black men and women

I’m talking to all you ankh ass niggas telling me how to live my life

i’m talking to you self hating, always blaming us a s people for our problems ass

I’m talking to you Negroes and Negresses swearing that you don’t see the racial divides that limit our people

To all those who don’t see the injustices that plague the black community and denounce the troubles of the never people
Please… step to the side…
Stop expressing how you cannot see the depressive nature of systemic racism and the deconstruction of your people it causes
Stop saying it hasn’t happened to me
And asking me how racism applies to me or to you today
Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

It doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened to your brother
Or your sister
Or your sons or daughters
Or cousins or best friends
To my black brothers and sisters who continue to sleep

Wake up before you end up six feet
Or on your knees attempting to discover why the police have a gun to your head
Or why theirs bullets in your head
Or why that job you can’t get has nothing to
Do with the amazing resume you have
Or that house you can’t get has nothing to do with the color of your skin
Or the fact that you get pulled over and embarrassed right in front of your kin

Stop asking me to define racism
If you choose to denounce the evils of America stop expressing the ignorance that racism doesn’t exist and hard work and bootstraps are all we need
And stop believing that the past doesn’t affect the future or cycle again and again

Like Emmett Till and Trayvon aren’t ghosts of each other’s past
Like the modern hangings aren’t cop killings
Like gentrification isn’t running us out of big cities
Like mental health in the black community is overshadowed but EVEYTIME a little white boy shoots up a school
Or a movie theater
Or a sporting event
He’s mentally challenged to some degree
So these boys in Chicago shooting each other hourly aren’t mentally deranged?

And please, stop victim blaming,
Yes there is some degree of self responsibility in the black community every woke man and woman knows this.

Stop stating the obvious
And stop condescending on us as if you’ve discovered some solution a million of our predecessors and successors and contemporaries haven’t presented over time.
You don’t have an answer
So stop acting like you do

To all my sleeping brothers and sisters
Wake up. Because it doesn’t matter how good of a boy you act in front of them
We’re all black

sincerely and with great regards,

Adonis Richards

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