We are Earth

Still trying to learn myself
Struggling in my own psyche trying to navigate the raging waters in this hell storm. Searching for the light house to lead me to safety before the rains and winds of chaos drag me down to my abysses and I end up drowning in my own doubts

Channeling my chakras through the mirror of the earth inside me
See we are all the earth the earth is all of us
We have deserts burning and draining us us our water supplies inside of us that stretch for miles
The consistent dryness can be our downfall
The arid air can cause mirages of pain and the sand
The endless sands that will bury us in the ground if we let it

We have amazon rain forests we traverse, large trees that cover us from the heat but humidities that burn our souls into oblivion and rains that seem to never stop
We have monsoons that drown our crops and houses every few months

Our bodies are just like the earth. As we suffer
So can she. Our storms look much different than hers. But they exist for the same purposes.

Like her we have wild fires that if not tamed will burn everything
We have tornadoes that will tear the world apart if left unchecked
Tundras that will freeze us in a moments notice
We must channel our chakras and balance our worlds before we allow these hyper hurricanes to consume our lives

However we like the earth
Also weird oasis spots that calm our frustrations
The rich clean springs of northern mountain ranges that we swim in
The vast calm seas clear as the sky on sunny days live within us
The beautiful tamed fires in the cold mountain nights
These beautiful things we see on our Mother Earth
She gave to us after birth
They are the channels that fuel our peace
And also the catalyst to our pain, rage, and sickness
Understanding the sources of these natural occurrences can will help us navigate our raging seas, drying sands, or blistering cold tundras.
I am earth, just as she is me

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