One last dance poem

One last dance
One last chance and enjoying this thing in life
Please join me for one last dance
May we dance all night
Let’s enjoy this last ride
Into the sunset
Come with me as we remember the ups and downs of this journey
As we bask in the glory
And cry in the joy of the good times
Join me as we remember the hardships
As we see the times we have fallen
And are reminded of how beautiful they are
And how they made us what we are today
One last dance
Join me as we take these last few steps in our long adventure
Come with me to the end of this all
One last dance
The tears flow through my eyes as an era ends
But a new beginning buds like flowers on the first spring day
The winters of the past will go away
For a brighter day has come and we will see it together
So join me
For one last dance into the night
May we watch the sun rise together
You and I
Let’s enjoy this moment in time
One last dance

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