The cops shot the kid

The cops shot the kid
We all protest
A mother cry’s
A community comes together
Hate arises from the ground
The scorching heat picks it’s rotting smell up as it lingers creating dissonance between those that live there
And those sworn to protect it
A child dies
A community mourns
An officer is hidden
A peace once had is destroyed
A people shook
A child took
Too soon
No room
Why are things this way
Why does this child not breathe today
Why does the community grieve
Why is the world in this disarray
Why is the officer saved
Why is why was the child slayed
The innocence robbed from the world
Because the fear of these boys and girls
The poor training needs to stop
The senseless violence must end
But how my friend
We’re talking about centuries of disconnect
Decades of discontent
Years of misunderstanding between two peoples
The police vs the people
Those in authority given too much power
Those in the community plagued with
Poverty and crime
Stigmas and stereotypes live and breathe in this world
Is there no change
Is there no hope?
Can we destroy these images that paint our lives?
Burn them and start over?
Or paint over them to change a culture?
What can we do
To heal the damages our predecessors caused?
Who knows

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