How many times?

How many times do we pour our hearts into others in an attempt to fill the void within ourselves
How often do we give to others to feel a genuine love that can’t be sustained by our own bodies.
How addicting is it to give to others,
To make them feel good over ourselves?
How painful does it feel to not know how to give to ourselves
But to please another individual only to feel that if I can give them happiness in this little moment then I’ll be satisfied in myself?
But then their happiness goes away
And what are we left with
That joy we once had has evaporated in the sauna of our bodies over flowing with heat we cannot fan out
A fever we feel because of the sickness that’s killing us.
Self hate
Lack of belief in ourselves
Lack of love for who we are
How hurtful is it to know that, we substitute love for ourselves for love for everyone else. That we put love into other’s bodies hoping we can feel it back.
But when it isn’t reciprocated we cannot function.
How can we love anyone without loving ourselves?
So what are we giving everyone else?
A false hope, a faulty feeling of compassion just to fill the dopamine and validity our genuine nature our ability to show affection our ability to love.
But we don’t know love. Because we can’t love ourselves
So we replace that, with “ love “ for someone else

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