In this hateful world I ask myself what am I thankful for?
What can I be grateful for in a reality that’s anxious for war?
A world on the brink of its own destruction over saturated with likes and retweets?
A world that is uber violent and destroys its own oceans?
How can I be grateful in a world in which there are more poor than rich
And the gap of wealth doesn’t make any sense?
How can I be grateful in a world full of hate?
And pain
And sorrow
And disconnect?

Easy. I breathe and take time to look around me
What do I see?
The people I love
Mother my
Brothers my sisters my cousin
My friends
My grandmother
And most importantly the man in the mirror. I’m thankful for the warmth I’m given by the people around me.
I’ve been blessed with something that supersedes this hate, love
Affection, a place to sleep
Food in my stomach
And people to greet,
There is nothing more I wish to have
As the reality I sit in crumbles below my feet
As each passing moment goes by
I know I have something surrounding me that keeps me from giving into the Meeks.
And that’s the love I’m given and returning to the people I meet. To the faces i see
The the joy they bring.
For without them what is life?
For without this beautiful person I see in front of me
I’m thankful for the life I have,
What can you say you appreciate?

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