Happy thanksgiving

Why celebrate today?
Don’t you know the origins of the wretched holiday?
How someone came to a foreign land and pillages the man that grew on these sands?
There’s blood stains in the food and it isn’t from the ham.
No that’s a man’s hands that was fresh from killing another man before he stole his crops and burned his lands
This holiday is nothing to be thankful for.
Yet we celebrate it as if we were grateful for it.
Let us remember the past and built upon it
Be grateful to the natives that roamed this vast land that was rich with milk and honey before the Europeans snatched up its soul.
This holiday is nothing to be grateful for. As we eat, let us remember the blood stains and the screams of those that died in the name of something good, how the horrors of their agony taste so good. This is not our burden to carry, but yet a remainder that everything that taste so sweet came from another’s defeat and that we must cherish our lives. We never know when it could be our blood they spill in the name of a holiday

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