We all know pressure. We all know expectations.

We all feel the anxiety to prove people right.

To prove people wrong.

Right now the 2017 number one overall pick is feeling this exact same pressure according to reports. And we as human beings can all relate to this. It’s surprising to see someone who is making millions of dollars feel pressure to live up to the hype. It’s shocking to think that someone that has a luxurious lifestyle can crumble under the weight of expectation.

However here we are in 2018.

Every night we witness this 20 year old kid attempt to show the world he is worth that 1st pick.

For those of you that don’t know. Markelle Fultz was the first pick in the 2017 NBA draft. He was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers after they traded up to get the number one pick from Boston. Boston didn’t necessarily want to draft Fultz.

They wanted Jason Tatum.

This was the first weight of expectation for Fultz.

Why wouldn’t Boston want him? He was supposed to be the number one pick? That’s what all the reports said. All year in 2016-2017 news outlets were raving about him.

Aside from the Lonzo ball saga scouts were talking about Fultz and the damage he would do in the NBA. However Boston didn’t want him. So they traded the #1 pick and Philly took him #1 overall.

Here come the expectations. The draft class was loaded as well. Jason Tatum, Donavan Mitchell, Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson, De’Aaron Fox, Malik Monk. Fultz had to compete with these rookies to prove his number one status.

Then there was Philly.

If you watched Allen Iverson’s hay day you know the passion Philly fans cheer with. And you also know the truth they gave. Philly fans are no joke.

That’s another weight on Fultz’s shoulders. Being part of ” the process” in Philly is another weight.

There was also a report of a motorcycle accident over the summer going into Fultz rookie year that caused a shoulder injury.

Then, he suddenly developed anxiety because of the three point line and how farther in the NBA it is compared to college.

Fultz struggled through his rookie campaign. He barely played. He Was on injury reserve while he recovered mentally and physically. His team won. The rookies in his class were shining.

This added to the pressure.


Something we face everyday.

The expectancy to show out because everyone sees your potential. Everyone is riding on your success and believes in you.

Sometimes this pressure can crush us.

Question of the day.

How many of you face the same pressures this young man does?

I do myself. I can say that. These same pressures caused mass anxiety in myself.

Understanding that this can happen to anyone. Even those on the biggest stage with all the luxuries and access to the best of help.

As of right now Fultz is in his second season and currently not playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. He is currently seeking therapy and outside help to fix his problems. He is also considering a new team and a fresh start from 76ers.

My prayers go out to this kid. I’m hoping that he figures it out and gets back on the court because he’s a tremendous talent and deserves the number one overall pick.

This post is to show and remind anyone that has expectations on their shoulders they think they can’t handle.

Remember you’re not alone .

This is not an abstract concept.

This happens to the best of us.

Even NBA players.

This can happen to your favorite celebrity.

This can happen to your family members.

Thank you for reading.

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