The legend we only dreamt of

We all know him. The prodigial son of Chicago. Drafted #1 overall by his hometown team in 2008. He was the one to lead the bulls back to the promised land they missed since the days of Michael Jordan.

We all know the young humble kid that stood at that podium in 2010. Asking ” why not me?” When referring to the NBA MVP.

Then he went out and won the award.

The youngest to do it, leading the bulls to a 61-21 record and going to the Eastern conference finals. Then came the injuries. The following year he injured his knee in a drive to the rim in the first round against Philly. He never recovered fully. Injury after injury followed.

The once humble prince of Chicago fell from grace right before our eyes

” I work my ass off ” is what Derrick Rose said as he sobbed in joy and passion. A 50 point night against the Utah Jazz on October 31st. This is a special night for Rose who has had his career riddled with injury since 2012.

We watched a magnificent performance the redemption.

The resurgence of the prodigal son.

Why does this cold hollow even night resonate with so many NBA fans?

Because we can relate. And because we believed.

We saw a man’s career torn from him due to injury. It’s a part of the game but it’s a horrible part of it.

He wasn’t in trouble. He was a young humble and hungry kid trying to be the best he could be.

And his career or what could’ve been was taken from him.

He never truly recovered.

So on this night.

When he posted 50 points. We saw the Derrick Rose of old.

His tears were the icing on the cake. The revelation that nothing should be able to set you back.

If you work hard enough you too can return to the top.

Or you can make it to the top.

This is why we watch sports.

To see these compelling and insane stories and apply them to our everyday lives.

Derrick. We are behind you brother keep shining.

And to anyone feeling like their road is hard. May you look at this man’s story.

Believe in yourself. And know your journey is just as important as your destination.

There will be road blocks. There will be set backs.

But if you work hard you will reach that goal.

Thank you for reading….

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