Long live the King…

First and foremost… I wish to inform any reader that this is a discussion post. I will be discussing the issues surrounding R Kelly and many points I’ve heard over the past few weeks. I must claim that I do not condone the artist’s actions, nor do I support this man in any way shape, or form.

Yes I was a fan of this man’s music. I believe a majority of us were. However he wields a dark past that has finally come to light. And it’s shining a bright, disturbing light on us all. Right now a legend has fallen. R Kelly was a figure a lot of us looked up to. He is now in the spotlight for something we’d rather be buried. Why is this?

He is a musical genius that touched our hearts and souls for more than two decades. That is why.

When the allegations against R Kelly came out, America became divided. Many people defended the ” king of R&B”. Many turned against him.

Then came the documentary, ” surviving R Kelly”. The detailed accounts of the stories of the victims and their families. Revealing the dark and demented truth of R Kelly’s pedophilia. It was at this moment, that the Kong’s reign ended. With this rise of awareness came backlash and many questions. Many of the King’s people came to his aid in a war over the dignity of the King of R&B.

“Where were the parents?”

“These girls were old enough to say no”

“he couldn’t have done it”

” they had a choice”

“they’re always attempting to bring a black man down”

These are some of the defenses I’ve heard over the course of the last few weeks.

Here’s the discussion.

There is a critical amount of victim blaming especially in today’s world.

We are consistently attacking the victim for being a victim. Always attempting to find a way to destroy the accuser or the one asking for help. As if it’s their job alone to leave the situation they’re in.

So many play the card, ” it couldn’t be me” or ” no way I’d let my children be apart of that”. This type of conversation derails the importance of the subject.

Don’t get me wrong, yes there’s responsibility on the girls and their parents. They are not exempt. Yes everything goes both ways.

However one, and most importantly that is not the discussion. The discussion is on the assailant. The one accused. The attacker. R Kelly. This man frequently lusted for and partook in sexual activity with minors.

For those that don’t understand these are women under the age of 18.

This man has been troubled with this for decades.

Many of us knew about his pedophilia. This was evident with his forgery of his marriage of deceased Singer Aaliyah at age 15. Or when there was video evidence of him urinating on a 14-15 year old girl.

This man has needed help for decades. He’s needed counseling for his possible fetish and no one ever gave him any. We often over looked it because he was R Kelly and because he was acquitted or proven innocent on charges.

We must focus on this man and what he’s done. There have been attempts to stop this foul man for years. Finally the truth has come to light. And like I said before it is a hard truth to so many, they cannot accept it.

Yes he is a black man and many black men are unjustly destroyed by media and the system. However, when one is guilty and obviously shows a pattern of crime or worse we must acknowledge and accept the truth we cannot bare to believe. R Kelly is a pedophile. That is the important issue here.

Not the parents, not the victims. No, R Kelly. He is finally being exposed for his wrong doing. Before we forget this we must remember the issue that deserves attention. As this discussion dies down let us be reminded that this is to bring awareness of the horrible acts this this man has committed. If it had not come to life he could have potentially continued to commit said atrocities.

It is an unfortunate reality that must be faced. However, deflecting the conversation towards the girls or the parents will not solve this issue nor will it save any more victims.

It is time we start placing responsibility on those we have placed on pedestals. That way we can truly fight the root of the problem. At this point the solution to the problem would be to send R Kelly to Prison. To me he doesn’t deserve therapy. He got away with this for too long.

Below are some sources of other articles with more detail on the R Kelly situation if anyone wants to follow the up to date information on him.

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