Kyrie apologizes to LeBron

We all grow at our own pace. Everyone experiences growth at different stages in their lives and we all look back in retrospective thinking ” look how far I came”. Growth is important. Acknowledging our growth is even more important. How do we grow? Physically, mentally, spiritually we grow and evolve as people.

For Kyrie Irving, the man in the featured image to the left, growth was an experience that came full circle. He grew mentally and spiritually. Two years ago he was a young stud fresh off a championship, and feeling like he had the world in his hands. He was under the guidance of the great LeBron James ( featured in the image to the right). In this time Irving was a young NBA star on the biggest stage that performed well. He believed in himself enough to thinking he didn’t need LeBron, and that he could lead his own team. He eventually requested a trade. There were rumors circulating around that Irving wanted his own team and didn’t want to play with LeBron anymore. His request was granted

Fast forward two years into the present day, Irving is now leading his own team with quite a few young players that had proven themselves to play big in the limelight. Now as the best player and the leader, he’s struggling to teach the younger players how to win. This is mainly because the young players believe they’re better without him.

they’ve proven that with their performances in the 2018 playoffs, the NBA’s biggest stage. However Irving knows how to win, and that they are much better with Irving. Irving has been a topic of controversy as of late as he’s gone to the media to talk about transgressions in the locker room. Much to the dismay of his younger teammates. Recently, he made comments to the media saying that he called LeBron James and apologized to him for being the young stud and challenging him.

Irving showed growth in acknowledging his mistakes and not understanding what it took to be a leader and how hard it was to deal with him when he was young. This sentiment revealed Irving’s growth spiritually and mentally and showed to the world what type of person he’s become on his own. Sometimes when you’re young you feel like you know everything and that you can take on the world. Until you realize that the world is bigger than you thought. In that moment it is ok to acknowledge your mistakes and where you went wrong. That’s growth. That takes strength.

We all grow at our own pace and it’s important to take a step back and see our growth. Sometimes growth is thrusted upon us like Kyrie Irving’s situation. Sometimes we force it upon us much Like Kyrie again. In other situations it comes gradually and we get impatient with it. Growth is a part of our lives. It works at different paces with everyone. And we may grow in some aspects but not in others. We must appreciate our growth.

Listed below are 5 elements to growth in my opinion.

1. Your behavior changes to certain situations

When you notice you react to different situations that you’re used to, you’re experiencing growth. Whether it be a task to handle or an argument you don’t get worked up in anymore. Or even solving a problem you’ve faced faster, it shows growth.

2. You’re more receptive to new experiences

With growth comes expansion. Allowing yourself to be more receptive to others views, new experiences, knowledge etc… Being receptive opens the world for you and changes your perspective on ideas that you normally didn’t accept previously.

3. You’re learning from your mistakes

We’re human, we make mistakes. We do things we regret. Part of growth is learning from where we messed up. As well as adjusting to said mistakes and being better people. If you’re growing then you’re learning from said experiences.

4. You’re changing spiritually

Part of growth involves a spiritual change. Be it religious or energy, your spirit changes with growth and it radiates with the aura you emanate to the world.

5. You’re reflective to a lot of things

You’re often reflecting on life and appreciating how far you’ve come. It’s a terrific experience. Filled with joy, doubt, love and growth. Reflect and accept this part of your life.

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