I have a dream

An appreciation post to an idol of mine. Here’s to the King. A long lasting legacy of social justice. A man who’s impact lives longer than most of us. Today we celebrate the King. Originally named Michael Lewis King. He changed his name in honor of Martin Luther. Another who stood for something greater than him. Martin Luther King fought valiantly and notoriously non violently for justice, truth, and the right of the negro.

Leading a myriad of protests and demonstrations over the years for social justice and voting rights for black people. King of was a man that stood against much scrutiny and potential death throughout the years

King stood tall and risked everything to make the world a better place. Unfortunately he didn’t see his change, as he was assassinated by the US government before anything could be put into place.

However his legacy lives on, as he became a symbol and an instrument of change in America. Over 50 years later we see his impact today. Though the pendulum hasn’t swung heavy, we can see that King set it in motion to social justice for the black people in America.

Today is a day of celebration. To a man that fought for us, a man that sacrificed so much. May we appreciate and remember on this day that we can be a part of something more than ourselves individually.

He had a dream, and we’re living in it.

It isn’t clear as day, yet the image is still beautiful as ever

Filled with love and empathy

Growth serenity and peace

In this modern world we are a far reach

From the world that king preached

However we have made strides to change the paradigm

That this man once lived in

And even though his world and ours are reflections in the water

We can say that change was made because of his valiant quest

As we look at how far we’ve come

We must remember how much further we need to go,

But as of today we stand In unison to remember the man that fought for us all

A marauder, a vanguard, a king

A black man who won glory, hoping to see peace

Happy Martin Luther king day everyone. May it bless you with ease

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