Stay black, stay strong

An idol of mine, a poet, an innovator, a writer, a columnist, a leader.

Langston Hughes was one of the many faves of the Harlem Renaissance that wrote like his life depended on it. Many of his writings deal with social economic issues in the black community as well as colorist and Racism.

A man that loved his people very much. Mainly because he identified with their struggles so much. He saw the beauty in their struggle and pushed that art into words.

Complicated ancestry couldn’t stop him from being great. Having black slaves and white slave owners as ancestors was not uncommon. Yet that would not deter him from his work.

Today let’s recognize a man that put words together like no other. One of the pioneers of Jazz poetry. One of the original wordsmiths. A master with the pen that defended his people with vigor.

Today we celebrate Langston Hughes for Black History.

Stay Black

Stay beautiful

Stay strong

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